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Mêlée all the Way! 2017 - Caly Edition

Discussion in 'Other Planet Events' started by Ardorj, Aug 23, 2017.

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    Mêlée all the Way! 2017 - Caly Edition : friday 22nd Sep. - sunday 24th Sep.

    Hello my fellow Arkadians, Entropedians, Mêlée-fans, and wannabees,

    Some of you might know me from your trips to Arkadia, or from the days long past when Caly was my home. I am a fan of mêlée hunting, and have organized three mêlée hunting events so far on Arkadia. Now is a good time to bring it to Calypso!
    I did a 24 Hours Mêlée all the Way! twice. First in 2015, second in 2016. The last time was a weekend in february, with long enough breaks for eating, sleeping and relaxing. (click here for the link to the original Caly.Forum post).
    This time it will be roughly the same as earlier this year. I've set it at 22.09 to 24.09.2017 ... yet dates are subject to change.

    But first some general information. It will go the basicly the same way as the Arkadian Editions:

    [​IMG] General Information, I will ...
    1) ... start at different times, lasting also different hours. See further below for what time each day.
    2) ... make a team "Calypso Mêlée all the Way 2017!" where everyone* who wants to can join me. As long as one uses a mêlée weapons that's fine by me, ie. it's a public 'free event'.
    * Some timeslots are more geared towards beginners, another for the pro's.
    3) ... hunt only using mêlée, not even a tagging-weapon if that can be avoided. Only I will use some kind of tagger, in case the mobs we are hunting are too agressive, or when needed otherwise.
    4) ... hunt on Planet Calypso. I don't plan on flying to FOMA, CP or any other sattelite that might be in orbit.
    5) ... do my best so that you can win the following: a) Fun! b) Friends! c) Mêlée skills and unlocks! d) New level in Mêlée-prostandings! e) New Mêlée weapons!
    6) ... hunt and global on as many creatures as possible.

    [​IMG] The event-rules are not too complicated:
    1) Every-one is invited. Have fun and invite your friends to share the fun. One day is more suitable for those with no or little mêlée skills, others for those with more.
    2) Team-rules will be set to 'Damage, stack share' and the sharing of (good) items is encouraged. Last time, like the year before, included by cruelty mostly ranged weapons such as Melee Trauma Amplifier II (L), Piron PLP-27 (L), Scott & Barlow BP-16 (L), Piron PBR-27 (L), Piron PBP-42 (L), Scott & Barlow LP-13 (L).
    3) Your skills and gear don't matter, it's cool wether you use a Castorian Combat EnBlade-A from the TT, or an über weapon, tier 8.x with enhancers, Trauma Amp and stuff. (Again, depending on the day)
    4) Only use mêlée weapons, shooting is a capital offense! All mêlée types are welcome: Clubs, Daggers, Powerfists, Swords and Whips.
    5) To try to get globals from as many Calypsian creatures as possible. We globaled on 12 out of 18 different mobs the first time. And again 11 different mobs in 20 hunts in 2016. Just on 6 mobs of 19 possible candidates in february.
    6) When there's no-body to hunt with me I'll open a nice bottle of beer and pretend to have friends.

    I noticed that things can be unclear while talking ingame about the Hours Mêlée all the Way! Therefore I've now included a ...

    [​IMG] Frequently Asked Questions:
    Q: What is MatW?
    A: Mêlée all the Way! That's my motto, and the name of this event.
    Q: When is the starttime?
    A: That depends on the day. See further below for more details.
    Q: I can't hunt for 24 hours, that's far too long!
    A: That was in 2015 and 2016, silly.
    Q: I can only use a TT-sword, can I still join?
    A: Yes you can! Dmg/sec is not important because the loot-distribution is set to 'Damage, stack share'. That means that when you do only 1% of the dmg, you'll get only 1% of the stackables. In fact, some tiems are specially for those who can only use (or want to) TT-Mêlée!
    Q: What can I win in this event?
    A: Nothing. It's not such an event, it's an event to have fun and hunt with other mêlée-fans in a team. Don't let that discourage you though, the first edition of the WOF made by Hurricane were done in the same way. Mêlée all the Way! is about coming together as mêlée-hunters.
    Q: Why can't I use a tagger?
    A: Because that's why. When I started this game - 12,5 years ago now - I said to myself to only use mêlée-weapons. I made the mistake to buy a Sollomate Opalo when that item was introduced, yet I still hunt ~90% mêlée only. Tagging is for wossies who are afraid they can get hurt.
    Q: Do you need a healer?
    A: Needed = no. Welcome = yes. Everyone is entitled to take care of his/her own health. That includes armour, and combat fap. If you want to, you can join as a healer, but it will be entirely on your own cost. I will not set a healers share in the team rules.
    Q: What mobs are we going to hunt?
    A: Whatever the team wants to. As mentioned, I am not a Calypsian any more, although I know quite some still from memory. I am open to all suggestions, so feel free to say in team.chat what you like to hunt!
    Q: What is the estimated cost to join?
    A: That depends entirely on yourself ofcourse, what weapon will you use and how long will you join the hunt? To give you an idea, hunting for one hour with the MAKO FAL-TT (L) (that's Ark. TT-sword) at constant slashing: 33 attacks/min * 60 = 1980 attacks/hour ; 2,65 PEC/use /100 = 0,0265 PED/ use ; 1980 * 0,0265 = 52,47 PED. This february I spended, including defense-costs, not more then 2400 PED. Last year I spended a little over 3100 PED, and before that less then 4100 PED.
    Q: Where do I apply?
    A: You don't have to, it's nice if you leave a note that you want to of course! During the hunts I'll try to spam Caly.chat regularily what we are hunting and give the coords. You can also add me ingame, look for Bregi Ardorj-Njarr.
    Q: Where can I buy a ticket? How much does a ticket cost?
    A: The event is free for all, hunting all over Planet Calypso. Therefor you don't have to buy a ticket.
    Q: What can I win?
    A: This is not an event where only one will be the winner and takes home a stack of PEDs or item. When you join, you are a winner by default! Because when joining the MatW! you get the opportunity to hunt in a great mêlée-only team, take down some of the big mobs, have a laugh and cry out when we swirl big!
    Q: You have such a difficult name! How should I call you?
    A: Ardorj, that's not too difficult when you try it a few times haha. Ard for sure is oké too.

    And now for the dates and times of the hunts, and some restrictions that might be. Things can change, so when there are only hunters who can use a Philo, while I wanted to hunt with the big toys, it will become a Philo-hunt.

    1. Friday 22nd September : Heavy-Mêlée
    Let's start with a blast (blow!) and take the heaviest mêlée weapon you can use!
    Start: 17:30 MA-Time.
    End: ~21:00 MA-Time.
    Location: Treasure Island Castle
    Special rule: As much dmg/pec as you can handle.

    2. Saturday midday 23rd September : TT-Mêlée
    This time is for those with little or no mêlée skills to try it out. A good team can, even with only simple TT-weapons, take down quite some strong mobs. Think like Atrox, Drone, Longu, Nexnecis.
    For those with 10 Strenght or less I have a free MANTA K-TT (L) (Ark. TT-knife) to hunt with!
    Start: 13:00 MA-Time.
    End: 15:30 MA-Time.
    Location: Billy's Spaceship Afterworld
    Special rule: Use the Mêlée weapons from the TT only! Feel free to use one from a different planet if you want. (max 5.0 dmg/sec)

    3. Saturday evening 23rd September : Katsuichi Krazy!
    Katsuichi was my old sword of choice. And I know that many part-time mêlée hunters have one or two of these. So let's go old skool and be krazy with the Katsuichi, Dagger of Doom & Despair, Castorian Survival EnBlade-7, Thorifoid Battle Club, Dominax Cobra and other non-SIB weapons! (ie. the old weapons that are maxed-out at level 100).
    Start: 16:30 MA-Time
    End: when I want to go to bed.
    Location: Minopolis
    Special rule: Only old skool weapons (no SIB) allowed!

    4. Sunday midday 24th September : Fill it up to Philo!
    This time it's for those who have hunted with mêlée before, but aren't a pro yet. So we'll use many's favorite Philosopher's Sword, or similar. That means try to keep it below 42.0 dmg/sec.
    Start: 08:30 MA-Time.
    End: 11:00 MA-Time.
    Location: Cayuze
    Special Rule: Hunt with your Philo, similar weapon or lower.

    5. Sunday evening 24th September : Free for all!
    This day it won't matter what kind of weapon and outfit you use. Use your TT-blade or your super-duper club.
    Start: 12:00 MA-Time.
    End: ~21:30 MA-Time. (dinner break included)
    Location: Limnadian District
    Special rule: Hunt the mobs that we couldn't global on first!

    And just like last time ... things are subject to change!

    Sharpen your blades! Loves,
    Ard [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    I hope to attend at least some of these events.
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