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New Monrian Event: "The Looting" - Win Luxury Apartments or even Hub Shops!!!

Discussion in 'Other Planet Events' started by Denebrius, Mar 17, 2014.

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    New Monrian Event: "The Looting" - Win Luxury Apartments or even Hub Shops!!!

    Hello Everyone!

    Monria Team wants to make everyone aware that we have an upcoming event where there are several apartments, both standard and luxury, as well as Shops in both the towers and the Hub available as prizes! Participation in the event can begin immediately though some details are still pending announcement.

    Ever wished to own a shop but haven't been able to purchase one outright? Well here's your chance to mine or grind your way to one! Completion of the various 10k missions is qualification for entry into the event so make those missions even more rewarding!

    Monria has four mobs and two mining materials, each with its own repeatable 10K mission chain. (10K is repeatable, not full mission chain) This event entails completing one or more of these 10K missions, one or more times. Confirmation of completion through time-stamped screenshots of the submission dialogue from the mission vendor and also the chat message reflecting the subsequent skill gain are eligible for submission on our forum. For more details and updates please visit the main thread.

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