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Earn Up To 18 PED/Global Now Until May 1st - Scipulor @ Deino Island

Discussion in 'Other Planet Events' started by MsPudding, Mar 11, 2019.

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    I have some good news, and I have some bad news... Let's start with the bad news first shall we?

    Bad News:
    Paid N' Evade will be ending May 1st, you only have 51 days left to participate :(
    Good News: There's still time though! For an event that already boasts a payout structure that awards up to 12-13 PED per global, I'm cranking it up a notch for the next 51 days and giving away even more! Let's go out with a bang shall we?

    Q: How Much Evade Can I Expect To Earn (Beginning to End)?
    From beginning to end, the average player should get around 145-170 tt of Evade, plus around 1,000 PED bonus cash from me, just by combo'ing the in game mission reward, which gives you 90tt Evade, and the current event: 'Paid N' Evade', that should reward on average 55-80tt of Evade depending on your global count, which you can register for by CLICKING HERE!

    Q: Who Qualifies?
    Anyone. There are no minimums to meet to be eligible for the payout structure. This incentive structure is active right now, at the time of this post any Scipulor and Gokibusagi global from this point onward is still eligible for the old payout structure and it also counts for the Extra Extra Incentive Payout Structure you see below.

    Q: So Did I Just Lose All My Scip Stinger Totals??? Do I Have To Start Over?
    NO. Absolutely not. Quite the opposite, you keep everything you had before, and nothing changes with the Scip Stinger payout structure and totals, those keep working just as they did before. This event just provides extra PED and rewards for all your future globals on Scipulor and Gokibusagi from now until the end of April.

    Q: So... You Just Want To Pay Me Even More For No Reason? What?
    A: Yes. This additional event 'Extra Extra Incentive' is a show of appreciation for the support many of the players and community base have shown me since I became an LA owner back in December. Thank you for the support, and I hope you not only enjoy this event but the many more that are to come. :)


    Each global on Scipulor or Gokibusagi counts towards your Scip Stinger total as well as the 'Extra Extra Incentive' global total. A tally of your totals will be added to the far right of your score total on the main event thread, which you can find by CLICKING HERE

    Start Time: Right Now. The moment this thread is posted this Extra Extra Incentive is live and active.

    Registration: Please register on the main event located here --> CLICK HERE <--

    You've got 51 days left... Good luck out there guys!

    Example: For instance if you earned 110 scip/goki globals from now until May 1st you will qualify not only for the 22.55tt Evade Skill Chip from 'Paid N' Evade' and the bonus 750 PED, but now you also get the Extra Bonus chip from this event, which is an additional 27.00tt Evade Skill Chip! That's huge! The total would then be 49.55tt Evade Skill + 750 PED. Plus the unspent Scip Stinger points left over will just keep accumulating in your balance to exchange for more rewards.

    Claiming A Prize: You may claim any of these reward levels multiple times. There is no limit to how many times you can claim a reward level, so long as you have the Stinger Totals or Global Totals. Any unclaimed totals go into your balance until you accumulate enough to claim a reward level.
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