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Two RL friends seeking mentor

Discussion in 'General Mentoring' started by Lanni, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Lanni

    Lanni New Member

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    Hello all,

    My real life friend and I have recently begun our Entropian Adventure. We have been gaming together in MMOs since UO came out in '97.

    At first we attempted to seek a mentor through just asking in game but thought this may be a better route to success. To start we are on Arkadia and play mostly evenings and nights EST but play off hours quite often as well

    Having just started we were fortunate to find a good community of help swunting but are looking for something a little more in depth at this point.

    We are only looking for people who are sincerely willing to help as whoever takes us in will basically be graduating two disciplines for the work of one.

    If you are interested in becoming a mentor please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me in game @Lannilor Lanni Taim.

    Thank you for your time and enjoy the game.


  2. Jenny ferr

    Jenny ferr Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    Please use Arkadian time when you specify times you play, just press U in game or look just above the banners here on the forum.
  3. Cly

    Cly Active Member

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    I have slots for disciples...

    But I may not match your time slots well for "regular meetings". If you are the sort of disciples who are happy and comfortable asking questions in emails (this service available all the time and I'm usually near a machine to reply, or chat using a messenger or something) and don't mind if I only get around to organising trades and hunts with you on say weekends, then I can quite likely help you out.

    Otherwise, if you prefer a mentor who is online and available in chat most of the time, you may need to see if someone closer to your time zone can help you out.

    Good luck, and welcome to Arkadia :)
  4. Puck

    Puck Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    Howdy Lanni,

    Welcome to Arkadia and EU! Very exciting to be taking your first steps, and how cool it is to have a IRL buddy to experience those early steps with you.

    There is also forum section for mentors advertising their services, divided by timezone. So, good luck and hope to see you and your friend in game.

    Mentor section link:
  5. Lardinho

    Lardinho Member

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    I've requested friend request, we can chat more in game. My name is Lardinho, people call me Lard, Lardy, Matt, "teh Matts", MechaLard (I know...), Lardinator... all kinds =P I'm also a mentor ^-^

    Just to tell you a little about myself and what I offer as a mentor. My own mentor way back was called Alice in Wonderland, who is currently the Society leader of "Rising Potentials" in which I am a member and mentor, too. I had people graduate before I left the game in 2009 and came back in December 2012 and then regraduated myself with Alice (long story lol) then re-became a mentor and have already had a couple of disciples graduate this time too ^^; (Basically when the old mentoring system changed, it was possible to "re-graduate" even if you had done so already, so I did hehe).

    Rising Potentials society is basically a society (or Soc for short) that is dedicated to helping newer players, as well as me in there, Alice is in there too and a number of very experienced players. We don't do mandatory team hunts or anything like that, we don't give away freebies, but we have fun and we make sure that you are best equipped, knowledgewise, to get the most out of your PED!

    Unlike many mentors, we offer our disciples an invite to our society so that they can gain the experience of all of us, not just the particular mentor in question. I have two places spare at the moment and would be happy to take you both on.

    I will warn you though, I'm primarily on UK time, and a lot of the Soc traditionally used to be EU time, that's just how it happened, we are happy to have all flavours in our Soc though and have actively tried to get more people in from all walks of life. Its worked too, not through trying, just through chance, but we have someone living in the Phillipines, someone in Thailand, we recently got about 5 or 6 new disciples in the Soc who are from the US and Canada, which is great, meaning we can have people on spanning more timezones to ensure the knowledge is still being shared when some of us are in bed.

    We also had at least 4 others recently return to the game who are experienced AND two Americans who were previously high level and 'chipped out' before returning a few years later, they landed in the Soc and they have a great knowledge base too.

    Welp, all I can offer you is much silliness from a group of people who have played many MMO, from FFXI, FFXIV, UO, EO, WoW and many many moar~

    If you don't decide to join us, GL in everything you do and we're always hear to help if needs be, anyways ^^b


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