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Sweat trader with 0% profit margin

Discussion in 'General Trading & Business Discussion' started by Kiddoo, May 30, 2015.

  1. Kiddoo

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    A (not so) short intro explaining why I want to do that

    I want to start by mentioning that I have absolutely nothing against traders - I think honest traders are needed in the game and they benefit both the small producer of goods and the final buyer. Still, what I don't like are sweat traders and I'll explain why.

    As many use to say, sweating is already slavery job - to understand, on average, a sweater needs to spend three hours to gather 1k of sweat, which hardly ever goes higher than 2 PED, or $0.20 if you want to say it like that since we're in a RCE. A deposit of $10/month is already more than one person can produce by spending all month sweating, so I really doubt there are many people who afford to deposit, who are still sweaters (I know a few who do it for fun, but doubt they're many). Now someone coming and taking a share of that tiny income too sounds kinda cruel to me.

    Add to that the fact that many sweaters are new players who don't really know how things go around here, what a normal price, where they can sell (#arktrade, forum, etc) and you'll see that they are the easiest people one could take advantage of. I already lost count of how many times I kept telling people to not sell their hard worked sweat to heartless resellers who made offers of between 1.2 and 1.5 PED per K. Yet, many of them said they don't really have an alternative, because they were not able to find customers for the "standard" price of 2 PED per K.

    Yet, since I never seem to had any problems moving my sweat for the standard price, I decided to start this in order to try to help others sweaters get the same price, and not sell heavily underpriced.

    Here's "the thing"

    1. I'll buy sweat from sweaters for 2 PED / K under certain conditions:
    - must be based on Arkadia (to check that, I will require you to have achievments set to public and have the assigned to a firebase achievment)
    - must have SG skill of 5 or higher (it can be achieved in less than one week, used to avoid alt avatars)
    - must have SG skill being the highest skill (to be sure I'm really dealing with a sweater and not a reseller)
    - maximum 7k sweat / week / person
    - limited by my available money flow
    - I reserve the right to deny any suspicious avatars (for example avatars that are stucked at same 5 SG, but keep coming with more sweat every week)

    2. I'll sell sweat to any interested buyer for the very same 2 PED / K, with absolutely no comission / profit margin for myself.

    3. I'll never sell my own sweat.

    Since I'm (mostly) a free player myself, living on sweat, my funds for this venture are limited to 100 PED, so I can't keep stocks higher than 50K sweat.

    If anyone would want to sponsor this more (the investment will not generate any profit, but will always be backed by sweat), is free to do it, but if not, I'll just keep moving the 50K I can afford.

    I will also keep here an updated list of all "qualified sweaters" so any potential buyers can also discuss/trade with them directly (especially useful if I'm fully stocked and can no longer take their sweat, so they can still move it).

    Why doing that?

    Why I'm doing this?

    As I already said my profit margin would be 0%, and I'll even have 100 PEDs blocked at all time, have some "operational" costs (scanning people) and even waste my own time. So I'll probably be the only trader in EU deliberately working on lose, but I still want to do that because I want to try to help other people, just like I was helped by other people.

    Why you (buyer) should buy from here?

    To be honest, you can probably get your sweat for 1.9 PED / k from reseller, and even 1.75 PED / k if willing to travel to Calypso for it, so practically I also ask you to take a potential lose.

    Yet, it will be a rather small lose, and you'll know you're supporting another player who worked hard for that sweat and which one day may become a valuable asset to EU and Planet Arkadia, and not just financed a trader taking advantage of new players.

    Why you (sweater) should sell here?

    To be honest, you can probably move some of your sweat at better prices - I recommend SSI (PM Simone or Ruben for details) who buy 1k per day (under certain conditions) for 2.5 PED / k or wait for the occasional nice fellow that might wanna be nice and pay something extra (think Granny does that on a semi regular basis).

    But these are occasions / opportunities, rather than something you can count on, so if you produce more than you can move like that and you are unable to find customers from the free market for the standard price, I'm here to try my best to achieve that for you.
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  2. Kiddoo

    Kiddoo Deactivated User

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    If you want to become a seller, please send me a PM either here or in-game and if you pass the requirements (mentioned in the thread), I will also list you here, so potential buyers can get in touch with you directly too.

    Sellers list:
    - Murkalael - Sir Murkalael Arbringer in game
    Last edited: May 30, 2015
  3. Jod

    Jod Well-Known Member

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  4. Murkalael

    Murkalael Active Member

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    LVL 31 SG always having 10K+ avaiable for any buyer, I won't spoil LF ped, but as she, I do sweat for fun and also 99% free player.

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