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Pricecheck Opalo & M2100

Discussion in 'General Trading & Business Discussion' started by Lizzy Storm, Jul 16, 2016.

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    First off, I am not sure if this was the right location for the topic, so if it isn't - I'm sorry.

    I got two weapons that I want to pricecheck;

    Sollomate Opalo Tier 0.9 and all tier rates 100+

    Omegaton M2100 Tier 3.3 and all tier rates 100+

    I have no idea how to value them properly as there are better options for both guns. I might want to sell off both guns, but that is a forum post for a different time.

    For those unaware, these two weapons used to be in the Calypso TT before they replaced them with (L) items.

    Thank you for your help guys!

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