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Oratan Miner

Discussion in 'Creatures' started by May, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. May

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    Oratan Miner

    The Oratan are believed to be the race warned of in The Signal, intercepted by the Celeste Space Probe.

    It follows that this species inflicted genocide on the Ancient Arkadian people. Accordingly, the Oratan should not be underestimated.

    As a Species, they revel in battle and killing, specifically targeting human colonists on Arkadia.

    They have also shown a tendency to loot and steal, appearing to to crave technology in particular.
    Advanced weapons appear to be within their ability to use, but beyond their capability to develop for themselves.

    This Oratan is much larger than those originally encountered by the IFN,
    Whilst it's physical size is intimidating, it is also noticeable less aggressive than expected, and appears subservient in behaviour to other Oratan.

    The Imperial Fleet Navy (IFN) knows very little information on the origins of the Oratan,
    However, the destruction of the Ancient Arkadians by their hands seems certain, and the threat they pose to humanity is very real and immediate.

    Creature Type:

    Damage Type:
    Stab50 %
    Cut24 %
    Impact26 %
    Statistical data:
    -YoungMatureOldProviderGuardianDominantAlphaOld AlphaLooterElite
    Health Level-
    Damage Potential-
    IFN Killpoint Challenge:
    Stage 15000 killpoints0.50 ped Dodge
    Stage 210.000 killpoints3.13 ped Dexterity
    Stage 320.000 killpoints6.25 ped Weapons Handling
    Stage 440.000 killpointsOratan Trophy + 8.10 ped Courage
    Stage 580.000 killpoints8.21 ped Dodgeor 50 Agility tokens + 3.65 ped Dodge
    Stage 660.000 killpointsOratan Figurine + 6.41 ped DodgeRepeatable
    Young lvl 16 1580 hp
    Mature lvl 17 1710 hp
    Old lvl 19 1900 hp
    Provider lvl 23 2400 hp
    Guardian lvl 26 2730 hp
    Dominant lvl 31 3180 hp
    Alpha lvl 36 3700 hp
    Old Alpha lvl 43 4420 hp
    Looter lvl 51 5350 hp
    Elite lvl 62 6640 hp

    Minimum Global level:

    - Bloodstained Axe 50 (L)
    - Gravis GLR-29
    - Gravis GBR-30

    - Animal Adrenal Oil
    - Animal Eye Oil
    - Animal Hide
    - Animal Muscle Oil
    - Animal Oil Residue
    - Blazar Fragment
    - BLP Pack
    - Fine Wool
    - Kaz Stones
    - Nova Fragment
    - Soft Hide
    - Tier I Component
    - Weapon Cells

    (Only Loot listed that has dropped from VU 15.0 on.)

    Entropedia.info link.
    EP Wiki link.
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  2. May

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    Additional tips & info on Oratan Miner.

    - Link to the original Oratan Miner thread.

    - Max damage on avatar without armor (excl. crits): Young 96 hp to Elite 262 hp.

    For all the data: if there is something that should/could be changed, or added, please post or PM. [​IMG]
    (Info send through PMs will be added anonymously by default, unless the sender mentions otherwise.)
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  3. Sniqs

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    We were wrong, Oratan is the trademark of their weapons manufacturer, not the name of their race :D

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  4. Hans

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    Hmm, why does the one exclude the other?
    Perhaps they were deployed with other species in the distant past and marked their tools. The mark remains, even though the others are not around.

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