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Mentor EN/NL Saltkin

Discussion in 'General Mentoring' started by Saltkin, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Saltkin

    Saltkin Member

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    Player Since: 2015
    Society: Goon Sworm Federation

    Time Zone: GMT+1
    Country: Netherlands

    Main Professions: Hunting, Business manager Privateer XXX, Rigging

    Days Usually Online: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    Time Usually Online: Midday, Afternoon, Evening
    Usual Hangout Location: Celeste Harbor @ Moonshine bar... (u comin to visit? then u bring alcohol!)

    How to Contact Me: Arkadia Forum, Private Message, In-Game

    Additional Information: Most of the time i'm just running missions on arkadia, running events with my society, looking for customers for our space service or finding valuable trade oppertunities.
    I have run Aakas up to level 10, Sal'diresh up to level 10, completed various low level missions on Arkadia and i'm a smuggler.
    My friends are extremely knowledgable which gave me a legendary start in entropia, i'm hoping to provide the same for my upcoming disciples.
    One thing i do suggest for every newcomer to entropia, Buy the gold or platinum starter package. IT IS WORTH.

    Hope to teach you soon!
    - Saltkin