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Melee all the Way 2019

Discussion in 'Community Events' started by Ardorj, Jun 19, 2019.

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    Mêlée all the Way! [MatW] 2019 : friday 23th Aug. - sunday 25th Aug.

    Hello my fellow Arkadians, Mêlée-fans, and breadcutters,

    It's time to announce that MatW is coming to Arkadia once again this summer! For those who are unfamiliar with Mêlée all the Way!: It's a free team-hunting event where ranged weapons are not allowed. It's fun, it's cool to take down the big mobs with swords only, it's chaotic at times, it's ... let's see for youself with these links: 2018, 2017 (Caly), 2017 (Ark), 2016, and 2015.

    I'm trying to tweak things and make it a better and more enjoying event for all to attent. One change for now:
    I've given away a free MANTA K-TT (L) to players in need (or want) of one before. I plan to do so again this edition, but I'm not sure yet how. Anyhow, not for every hunt any longer. More info on that to follow.

    MatW 2019 is divided into five sessions, from friday evening 23rd of August evening till sunday 25th of August (Europe time). Each is a little bit different. They have a unique guideline so to speak. Following these guidelines will (I do hope) ensure that teammembers are on the same page.
    The five sessions are: 1) Friday evening with "Heavy Mêlée" 2) Saturday midday with "TT-Mêlée" 3) Saturday evening with "Katsuichi Krazy!" 4) Sunday midday with "Free for all". 5) Sunday evening with "Heavy Mêlée".
    See the end of this post for more details.

    :artist: General Information, I will ...
    1) ... start at different times, lasting also different hours. See further below for what time each day.
    2) ... make a team "Arkadia Mêlée all the Way 2019!" where everyone* who wants to can join me. As long as one uses a mêlée weapons that's fine by me, ie. it's a public 'free event'.
    * One day is more geared towards beginners, another for the pro's.
    3) ... hunt only using mêlée, not even a tagging-weapon if that can be avoided. Only I will use some kind of tagger, in case the mobs we are hunting are too agressive, or when needed otherwise.
    4) ... hunt on Planet Arkadia and in the Underground. Perhaps on Ark Moon sunday evening.
    5) ... do my best so that you can win the following: a) Fun! b) Friends! c) Mêlée skills and unlocks! d) New level in Mêlée-prostandings! e) New Mêlée weapons!
    6) ... hunt and global on as many creatures as possible.

    :borg: The event-rules are not too complicated:
    1) Every-one is invited. Have fun and invite your friends to share the fun. One day is more suitable for those with no or little mêlée skills, others for those with more.
    2) Team-rules will be set to 'Damage, stack share' and the equal sharing of items is a must. However, hunters who fight with a free MANTA K-TT (L) are excluded from the itemshare. Last time on Arkadia wasn't much of a succes itemwise. However, before that on Calypso included many MindForce chips such as Kinetic Attack Nanochip VII (L), Synchronization Chip XIV, and one sword: Omegaton Saturn (L).
    3) Your skills and gear don't matter, it's cool wether you use a MAKO FAL-1 from the TT, or an über weapon, tier 8.x with enhancers, Trauma Amp and stuff. (Again, depending on the day)
    4) Only use mêlée weapons, shooting is a capital offense!
    5) To try to get globals from as many Arkadian creatures as possible. We can't always global, but with a bit of pride I can say that we can HOF (on Caly)!
    6) When there's no-body to hunt with me I'll open a nice bottle of beer and pretend to have friends.

    I noticed that things can be unclear while talking ingame about the Hours Mêlée all the Way! Therefore we also have a ...
    :cautious: Frequently Asked Questions:
    Q: What is MatW?
    A: Mêlée all the Way! That's my motto, and the name of this event.
    Q: When is the starttime?
    A: That depends on the day. See further below for more details.
    Q: I can only use a TT-blade, can I still join?
    A: Yes you can! Dmg/sec is not important because the loot-distribution is set to 'Damage, stack share'. That means that when you do only 1% of the dmg, you'll get only 1% of the stackables. In fact, saturday noon is specially for those who can only use (or want to) TT-Mêlée!
    Q: What can I win in this event?
    A: Not much. It's not an event with a big prize at the end, it's an event to have fun and hunt with other mêlée-fans in a team. Mêlée all the Way! is about coming together as mêlée-hunters.
    Q: Why can't I use a tagger?
    A: Because that's why. When I started this game - 14 years ago now - I said to myself to only use mêlée-weapons. Tagging is for wossies who are afraid they can get hurt.
    Q: Do you need a healer?
    A: Needed = no. Welcome = yes. Everyone is entitled to take care of his/her own health. That includes armour, and combat fap. If you want to, you can join as a healer, but it will be entirely on your own cost. I will not set a healers share in the team rules.
    Q: What is the estimated cost to join?
    A: That depends entirely on yourself ofcourse, what weapon will you use and how long will you join the hunt? To give you an idea, hunting for one hour with the MAKO FAL-TT (L) at constant slashing: 33 attacks/min * 60 = 1980 attacks/hour ; 2,65 PEC/use /100 = 0,0265 PED/ use ; 1980 * 0,0265 = 52,47 PED. Last year I spended, including defense-costs, a little over 3500 PED, and on Calypso about 1925 PED.
    Q: Where do I apply? or where can I buy a ticket?
    A: The event is free for all, hunting all over Planet Arkadia. Therefor you don't have to apply and don't have to buy a ticket. It's nice if you leave a note that you want to of course! During the hunts I'll try to spam Ark.chat regularily what we are hunting and give the coords. You can also add me ingame, look for Bregi Ardorj-Njarr.
    Q: You have such a difficult name! How should I call you?
    A: Ardorj, that's not too difficult when you try it a few times haha. Ard for sure is oké too.

    Now for the different time slots of the MatW! 2019. Each slot has a guideline to make sure that team members will use roughly the same kinds of weapons.
    I've also added a meeting place. This has nothing to do with the mob that I want to hunt.

    1. Friday 23th Augustus : Heavy Mêlée
    Let's start with a blast and take the heaviest swords availabe in game! This is for hunters with a decent amount of mêlée skills, say lvl 25 at least.
    Start: 17:30 MA-Time.
    End: ~22:00 MA-Time.
    Meeting place: Storm Keep
    Guideline: As much dmg/sec as you can handle, but at least 35 dmg/sec is prefered (unamped Lokabhu sword fits this bar).

    2. Saturday 24th Augustus : TT-Mêlée
    This time is for those with little or no mêlée skills to try it out. A good team can, even with only simple TT-weapons, take down quite some strong mobs. Think like Nusul, Hadraada, Wombana.
    Start: 12:00 MA-Time.
    End: 15:30 MA-Time
    Meeting place: Celeste Outpost
    Guideline: Use the Mêlée weapons from the TT only! Feel free to use one from a different planet if you want. (max ~5.0 dmg/sec)
    I will most likely give away some free Manta's from the TT for this hunt. No idea yet how and how many though.

    3. Saturday 24th Augustus : Katsuichi Krazy!
    Katsuichi was my old sword of choice. And I know that many part-time mêlée hunters have one or two of these. So let's go old skool and be krazy with the Katsuichi!
    Start: 17:30 MA-Time.
    End: ??? when I go to bed ???
    Meeting place: Celeste Quarry
    Guideline: Only old skool weapons (no SIB) allowed! Think of weapons like Dagger of Doom, Castorian Survival EnBlade-7, Thorifoid Battle Club, Dominax Cobra, the Katsuichi of course and other non-SIB weapons (ie. the old weapons that are maxed-out at level 100).

    4. Sunday 25th Augustus : Free for all
    This time it's for all who wants to join, regardless of your skill and weapon. Use your newly bought TT-blade or your super-duper club.
    Start: 11:00 MA-Time.
    End: 15:00 MA-Time
    Meeting place: Harrier Digsite
    Guideline: accept each member's weapon of choose.

    5. Sunday 25th Augustus : Heavy Mêlée
    [EDIT] Due to family business this session starts later, or maybe not at all. :sorry:
    Let's end is as good as it will start. Pretty much the same as friday: for hunters who are dedicated at using the path of the blade.
    Start: 18:30 MA-Time.
    End: 21:30 MA-Time
    Meeting place: Celeste Quarry
    Guideline: At least 35 dmg/sec is prefered, the more the merrier!

    And just like last time ... things are subject to change!

    Sharpen your blades! Loves,
    Ardorj :smilie::barefoot::cow::battleroar::woot::vamp::sleep:
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    Bump for the Mêlée all the Way in a little two weeks!

    About the free MANTA K-TT (L). I've deceided to give up to two away each hunt for those who are not familiar with the Way of the Blade and/or don't have the funds. Please note the following:
    a) First come, first serve. If you had one last hunt, you'll be last in line for the next hunt.
    b) Preference is given to hunters with their own weapons. Meaning that players with a free Manta can be left out (and concequently, they won't reserve a free Manta).
    c) Free hunters can keep the loot they get.
    d) Sharing of items does not apply to hunters with the free Manta. (If one loots an item, please give it to me).
    e) Free hunters still need to take care of their own armour and healing (you can expect to be killed a lot).

    Small difference during the TT-Mêlée saturday noon.
    a) Up to 8 hunters can get a free Manta.
    b) Sharing of items with all those present in the team.

    I defne a hunt like this. Any hunting that I do between two repairs and putting loot in Storage. Normally a hunt is at one location only.
    The MatW is split into five sessions. I can do multiple hunts each sessions.

    See you there!
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    The last session, sunday evening, starts later, or maybe not at all due to family business. :jimlad:
    I've set the new time at 18:30 MA. I hope I can still make it, but can't make any promises at the moment.
    I'll do it some other evening next week(end), if I won't be online sunday evening. Feel free to roam Ark with your swords, even if I'm not there! :wink:
    PS. there is also a (small) change that I end sunday noon 15-30 min. earlier then planned. :sorry:

    5. Sunday 25th Augustus : Heavy Mêlée

    Let's end is as good as it will start. Pretty much the same as friday: for hunters who are dedicated at using the path of the blade.
    Start: 18:30 MA-Time.
    End: 21:30 MA-Time
    Meeting place: Celeste Quarry
    Guideline: At least 35 dmg/sec is prefered, the more the merrier!
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    Thanks all who've joined one or more hunts! I've had a great time and am looking forward to the next time I'm going to do this.

    Woot woot! We got the second Über! :banana:
    All stacks, and I got like 99.5% of the loot lol. So, that kinda makes it my first personal Über too, doesn't it? :woot:
    Huon 037a.jpg

    I'm going to post the rest of my thoughts and how all the hunts went in my log (see sig below).

    cya next time! :biggrin::battleroar::blackalien: