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Mêlée Museum

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Ardorj, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. Ardorj

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    Introducing the Mêlée Museum
    Sanctuary Cove 7.1

    PRINT SCREEN 2018-10-15 21-18-10.jpg

    With small pride I like to announce that I've opened a Museum of Mêlée Weapons in Sanctuary Cove 7.1, that is the first building on the left.
    What you can see here is part of my collection of limited and unlimited mêlée weapons.
    The weapons that are on display will vary a few times per year. I'll post it here when I've made some changes.

    PRINT SCREEN 2018-10-15 21-16-5.jpg PRINT SCREEN 2018-10-15 21-18-46.jpg PRINT SCREEN 2018-10-15 21-19-47.jpg

    When you like it, get yourself a nice mêlée weapon and go hunt with it!

    Mêlée all the Way!
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  2. Franki

    Franki Member

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    I like your idea... at this time, i only have SI Knife, Laconian and Ennukles-A, but... time, time :)
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  3. krazykat

    krazykat Active Member

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    I'll have a look next time I'm on Ark. I like melee and I have a good variety of swords and knives. Currently hunting Pirate Skeletons on NI with sword. Usually Genesis Icerage but Kat determination as well.
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