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FYI: Mutated Beladoth and Mutated Orotugi Maturity/Density Changes

Discussion in 'Land Areas' started by Captain Jack, Nov 10, 2018.

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    Current settings are as follows:

    2x Mutated Beladoth DNA at max maturity and max density.
    1x Mutated Beladoth DNA at max maturity and min density.
    1x Mutated Otorugi DNA at max maturity and min density.

    Intended changes are as follows:

    All mutated Beladoth and Mutated Otorugi DNAs will be set to primarily focus on Provider-Dominant maturity, with sufficient spawn density to provide easy hunting between mobs without overcrowding and getting swarmed.

    Timeline: Rather than manually lowering the maturities (which costs thousands of fertilizer), I will be unlocking the maturity and allowing it to trend down naturally. The more activity we get on the land area, the faster it will trend down. Once the desired maturity has been achieved it will be locked in place again.

    Very respectfully,

    - Captain Jack

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