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Discussion in 'Crafting' started by Zont, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. Zont

    Zont Member

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    Hello peeps ! :p

    Lets say I want to try and craft something cool for myself as a new player what should I try out witch might not be the most expensive ? :) Or perhaps just plain and simple fun ?

    Does it have something to do with luck like it does with everything els in this game ? :)
  2. SallyBridges

    SallyBridges Adviser Arkadia Adviser

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    This will very much depend on your ped balance and how seriosly you want to get in to the crafting proffession or if thi is just for fun.

    There are a Lot of skills involved in the crafting proffession and most people will want to unlock blue print comprehension a hidden skill before going much further down the route of crafting "Something Cool" you will also find that at a lower level crafting this can be expensive to get in to and your cool item might cost you a bit more to make yourself.

    Personally I got a lot of plesure and enjoyment on a visit to Next Island - where through the mission chain there I was able to craft my own island shirt ;) I was even given some of the blue prints for the shirt recipie and this didn't cost a fortune to make and I still have it.

    If you are looking at the Explosive Blue Print Globals and things then this can be a lot of luck and also a SERIOSE amount of peds churned over to get these I have maxed the QR rating on my explosive 1 and also close to maxing on Explosive 2 without yet getting an explosive global its a crazy number of crafts run through those as well .

    you might like to check further info on the below post

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  3. Lizzy

    Lizzy Deactivated User

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    My advice to new players is to not craft at all until you know more about the game, what works and what the costs are involved in it.
    I do have to say that crafting explosive bp 1 isn't a bad one to start with now, but you will still be at a loss at the end of most runs.
    Best to get blueprint comprehension is to get repairing on a mothership, always used to be the fastest way.
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  4. Bradley Killer Kell

    Bradley Killer Kell Member

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    What ever do you mean? I crafted a perfectly fine Finder F-101 for myself for only 44.98! I mean sure, it's only 5.50 TT with about a +2.50 MU for an 8.00 PED Total but...

    oh wait, that's a 36.98 Loss.

    So yeah, be careful. :D
  5. Granny Rowan

    Granny Rowan Active Member

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    Totally agree, but would add that if you decide to give it a go anyway, best way is to start is by crafting low mu mats that you looted yourself, such as muscle and eye oil, or iron and then use Bp's that produce a component that has mu and can be sold in stacks to other crafters, simple I conductors, basic screws, filters etc you may also wish to look at textures. Simple rule is check MU of final product before you press the button. The mu can turn a even a bad run into something that is kind of ok ish

    and if you wish to come and skill in vehicle repair on a mothership (which then also gives skills in all other engineering) then feel free to contact me in-game as I own the MS Kronan which repair skills near Arkadia 20 hours a day

    In order to do repair skilling on Kronan, there are some things you need to know and to do.
    1. We do not accept pirates in our crew.
    2.The service operates daily from 02:40am EU time until midnight. (midnight until 02:40 approx we are doing our scheduled warp service around EU)
    3. You will need to read and agree our crew rules at http://kronan-ms.info/crew-rules/ and then add me to your friends list and pm me to state that you agree and wish to be added to the guest list.
    4. You are advised to also read and watch the video at http://kronan-ms.info/repair-skilling-in-space/
    5. Please note that while access to the service is free, you will need to purchase RK-5 repair tools and welding wire, these can be bought on planet or on-board


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