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Calling all who can mentor...

Discussion in 'General Mentoring' started by Neil, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Neil

    Neil Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    They say a picture is worth a thousand words... here's one I took at Windy Isles yesterday. Windy Isles is where new players finish the starter mission chain. I see more and more new players showing up. We've been asking for more players... now let's not let them get lost!

    View attachment 4562

    I've only got one disciple slot left (before the pic). Anyone who has played for 6 months, and has a profession level at least 15 (iirc) can be a mentor. So, calling all potential mentors (that's most of you!)... step up to the plate, spend some time at Windy Isles and help give back to the community that helped you out when you were a noob.

    I find that you need to take the initiative with most new players. They don't usually come up and say "mentor me". What I usually do is ask if anyone has any questions. If they don't, I ask a little more until they do start asking questions. I offer some sage advice, then I gauge from the questions whether they're just a goof-off or a good candidate for remaining in game. Then I ask if they have a mentor and explain what mentoring is and what they get out of it (advice, learning about the game, adj pixie). At this point they're usually convinced that they do need a mentor. With a new disciple, I always explain that they are free to kick me at any time if they find a mentor they like better. That's important for 2 reasons: it lowers the psychological barrier to accepting a mentor and of course, they can later feel free to kick you if they really do find another mentor. I've talked to quite a few new, struggling players who either didn't know they could kick their current or are afraid to hurt his or her feelings.

    Beyond that, if you're new to mentoring and not sure how to start them off, I advise getting them some cyrene TT guns and hunting/swunting carabok until they've reached level 10 laser. If they're into mining, and they have at least 500 peds, get them into a maxed Ziplex Z_ finder ASAP, otherwise start them on rookies. Avoid the old F-101 series since the SIB periods are sooooo long. I usually have all of these tools/weapons available, and many of our crafters can make you one of these finders as well.

    I don't advise giving out ped for free. Tell them the benefits of depositing a small amount to start out, or if they can't do that, it only takes a couple hours of sweating nusul to get enough to pay for starter equipment. It doesn't take many peds to get a decent start on skills if they hunt carabok. One of my disciples just reached level 5 laser on caraboks and as far as I can tell, he did it on ~25 ped investment (and so far seems to be profiting in loot returns, too).

    I find that one of the most important parts of mentoring is teaching them about loot variance. Teaching them that only 1 in 50 mobs (more or less) is going to be a "big looter" so you should be able to kill at least 200 mobs to have a good chance of "normal" returns. Same with mining, you need to drop 500 ped of probes to see "normal" returns (50 ped with rookie). And don't forget to direct them to this forum and entropedia.info.
  2. RexDameon

    RexDameon Active Member Pro Users

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    I've been bitching about this stupid cap on disciples since it's been introduced. I like everything about the new system except that. The important thing is just to teach them and to teach them to teach themselves and use the many resources we have. Sure they loose out on the free stuff but oh well it's not that much and ppl are selling it cheep now too.

    surprised we have so many new ppl starting now during summer though. you can msg me on facebook if there is a need for help and i'm home but not on i'm "RexDameon Andreosn" on there too.
  3. Cly

    Cly Active Member

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    Free Mentor Slot

    I have a couple free slots as well I think...

    I am currently resolving some auctions on Caly but my own Disciples are already on Arkadia, and would not mind the company. So if you find some folks who you'd like to give a name to you can tell them I will buy their sweat at rates probably better they can get elsewhere, and answer any and all questions they can manage to ask.

    Ideally, they should be on UK or Central European sort of time zone to match with me though.

    So, happy to help you out here - point people at me until I can arrive and help in person.
  4. Few Scars

    Few Scars Administrator Staff Member PAF Administrator Arkadia Adviser

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    I only have 2 disciples at the moment, I will try and round up some more!
  5. John.Smith

    John.Smith New Member

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    I do mentoring, too. Anyone can apply as disciple. I have one mention to make: please read my message from Mentor Register before you apply!
  6. Erastothenes

    Erastothenes Member

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    Good idea to hang out, spend some time there yes. Is Windy Isles still the finish point?

    And I'm happy to take on a Disciple or two, if anyone needs. Full ava name is John Erastothenes Bluetail. Timezone mostly GMT+1

    cheers, eras