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Why can´t we have nice things?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Alis4311, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. Alis4311

    Alis4311 Member

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    Hello there!

    This thread is created more or less purely because of the recen enigma L4 drop. I´m just wondering why we can´t have similar items to calypso dropping on arkadia?

    The Emik Enigma L4 is a SIB weapon; 53 dps at 2.906 eco according to entropedia. Now this is most certainly a decent weapon reaching 75 dps and 2.953 eco with dante.

    Now the absolute best in terms of eco and dps combined, dropping on Arkadia is Songkra Corrosive Dagger, 44 dps at 2.892 eco reaching 65 dps and 2.964 eco with the MTA VI. And this is dropping from instances.

    Now, these questions are mainly aimed towards the people at arkadia studios, but naturally it is open for discussion! :)

    Why don´t we have nicer things here at arkadia?
    Don´t you believe a majority of people stay on calypso because of the chance of looting a better item?
  2. the Prophet

    the Prophet Active Member

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    i was asking myself the same about the smuggler weapons, why don't they ever drop? basically the chances are close to zero, to get your smuggler weapon of choice, and this sucks balls :(
  3. San

    San Well-Known Member

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    Loot drops are not determined by the planet partner...

    Songkra dagger is not rare at all. I don't know how often a new one drops, but if you want one, you don't usually have to wait long for an auction. Much easier and cheaper than chasing any Calypsian item of similar quality. Smuggler things are different indeed. It would totally make sense if they dropped only from the Smuggler instances, but therefore maybe a little more. I actually suspect they do, and only a few samples were released before the instances went live. Just not enough people are going there yet to notice an increase in supplies.

    However, the drops of really awesome items on Calypso aren't exactly frequent, either. It's like winning the lottery if you get one. If there is any sense of it being more, it is only because of total volume.
  4. Spawn

    Spawn Active Member

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    Loot in the warehouse 01 is very unstable. Besides that, You need a full tt plate and polymer graphite, both are very rare.