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How To Welcome to Sanctuary Cove

Discussion in 'Sanctuary Cove' started by Hawkwing, Nov 23, 2013.

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    Welcome to Sanctuary Cove

    {Pic of the map of Sentosa, highlighting SC}

    General Information:

    Sanctuary Cove (SC) is one of a number of "privately owned" Land Areas on Planet Arkadia. Situated a short distance off the northern coast of the continent of Sentosa, Sanctuary Cove is broken up into a number of smaller regions, each with its own characteristics. It is wholly owned by the reclusive zillionaire Artur Hawkwing Tangreal, and policed by a privately funded security force headed by the enigmatic Ky Fung (see story excerpt quoted below). Sanctuary Cove was established as an independent island colony and is not governed by either the ACA or IFN directly, though cordial relations have been maintained with both authorities since the initial battles against the Oratan.

    {Pic of SC LAs with TP highlighted}

    The main teleporter (named "Sanctuary Cove" in your map directory) is situated in the subregion of Sanctuary Bay (20425, 29939) and is located at the main colony settlement. Here you will find standard terminal facilities, at the Command Post, as well as a number of speciality shops and apartments.

    {Pic of buildings immediately around the TP}

    In addition to the main teleporter, two secondary teleporters allow quick access to other regions of the island. Cyclone Point is situated in the north west (18575, 31451), whilst Storm's Keep is situated in the north east (23223, 31400). These teleporters also feature terminal facilities and turret defences.

    {Pic of building and turret at the TP}

    Sanctuary Cove is also home to a number of unique creatures as well as a unique mineral ore resource. For the visiting hunters, the majestic Huon (smaller cousin to the mighty Yuka) and the ferocious Kadra may be found in large numbers and maturities in addition to an isolated pocket of Tiarak insertmaturityhere.

    {Pic of each Mob}

    Visiting miners will find a variety of ores and enmatters including the highly prized Liacon. Sanctuary Cove boasts the only viable deposits of this valuable mineral ore to be found on Arkadia.

    {Pic ore and ingot}

    More information on Shopping, Hunting and Mining can be found below along with contact details for the Sanctuary Cove authorities.

    Shopping Information:

    There are a number of shops you will find at Sanctuary Cove:

    {?Pics of shop fronts?}

    Building 1 - x
    Building 2 - x
    Building 3 - Southern Fortress Engineering (SFE) HQ
    Building 4 - x
    Building 5 - KikkiJikki Industries
    Building 6 - x

    Shopping Tax is currently set (by MA) at 5% across all subregions.

    Hunting Information:

    Mobs available for hunting on Sanctuary Cove are Kadra and Huon (both of which are unique to SC), as well as Tiarak X-maturity.

    {Pics of mobs like above}
    {Breakdown of what mob is in what area}

    Local hunting events are held in addition to the standard IFN Challenge missions. More information on current events can be found here.

    Hunting Tax is currently set (by MA) at 5% across all subregions.

    Mining Information:

    Lidacon is a unique mineral ore resource found only on Sanctuary Cove. However, you will also find deposits of other Arkadian and Universal resources throughout the SC subregions as well.

    {Breakdown of what resource is in what area?}

    Local mining events are held in addition to the standard ACA Mining missions. More information on current events can be found here.

    Mining Tax is currently set (by MA) at 5% across all subregions.

    Contact Information:

    There are a couple of ways to contact the authorities governing Sanctuary Cove, depending on your preference.

    Email: info@sanctuarycove.eu
    PM: Hawkwing

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