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Welcome to Normandie Radio

Discussion in 'Normandie Radio' started by Mel_bosshart, Feb 28, 2012.

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    Welcome to Normandie Radio

    I would like to welcome you to the hub for Normandie Radio

    Here you will find out about whats going on with the station within the Entropia Universe
    And where it's Happening

    The Station went Live in August 2011 on the M.S Normandie as a bit of fun for the crew of the mothership.
    We started with four Dj's & Juke box that run when a Dj was not Broadcasting
    The station took off faster and better than we could believe. and was like a snow ball gaining momentum and support as we went, and has run 24/7 since.

    I would like to thank John Black Knight for allowing us to use the Mothership as a base for the station
    You will find us down on planets partying with all players and even on the Normandie
    with the crew and passengers

    We now have great support from players and store owners and societies within Entropia
    Big Thanks To
    Titans of Space
    Planet Arkadia Forum
    Southern Fortress Engineering

    And last but not least a BIG TY to you the players that have Tuned in and supported the Station.

    You can request a song on the web site by clicking the request a song button
    E-Mail studio@normandieradio.com
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.