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Discussion in 'Entropia Release Notes' started by ArkadiaBot, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. ArkadiaBot

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    Webshop Holiday Special Offers

    The Entropia Universe Webshop offers two new consumable buffs to spice up your holiday season hunting sessions!

    Neurostim-X - Offensive Boost

    • Faster Reload - 12%
    • Increased Critical Hit Chance - 1%
    • Increased Critical Damage - 12%
    • 30 Minute Duration

    Neurostim-Y - Defensive Boost

    • Increased Run Speed - 20%
    • Increased Regeneration - 33%
    • Increased Max Health - 12 HP
    • 30 Minute Duration
    Neurostim Boosters available in the EU Webshop

    Even better, the Universal Ammo Value Packs also available in the Webshop include additional holiday bonus items, such as Tomtebloss, Christmas Fireworks, and Jolly Christmas Hats.

    So head over to the Entropia Universe Webshop now and fill your Christmas stockings!

    Happy Holidays!

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  2. May

    May Active Member

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    Sigh, I dreaded that it would turn into this, when they opened the webshop.[​IMG]
    It's convenient, so there will be a demand for it.
    But what about the player based economy?
    Why pay thousands of ped in MU for a vamperic cloak, when you can buy the same 12 hp buff as a pill from MA?
    Combined with the (also bought) pet buff you have an instant 22 hp extra.
    How long do you have to grind skills to get that normally?
    It's in direct competition with nanobot crafters, everyone who provides the resources, and even stable owners.

    Untradable Universal Ammo, TT resource for crafting, buffs from the webshop.
    Didn't the new CEO wanted to take it in a new direction?
    Let me guess: a slow but sure way to a total micro transaction model?
    With no more MU, just everything bought directly from MA. [​IMG]

    Meh, maybe I'm just having a bleak view atm, because I'm cranky for not being able to login. [​IMG]
    So, to end on a positive note:
    Hallelujah, just in time for the MM! :wink:
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  3. Kitten

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    extra hp and regen for 30 mins meh. Extra reload? yes please O.O
  4. sinkillerj

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    One thing I've been wondering... does reload affect... swords?
  5. Acehazbin

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    hmm, never would have thought they would add items like this to the web shop. does the profit go to MA or is it split with TT pool?
    there really should be a way to buy this stuff in game with PED unless im missing it