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wanted: Shop owner interested in animal essence, and pets...

Discussion in 'Services' started by mastermesh, Dec 18, 2017.

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    I've got a few unlimited whips that I'm using the tame to the hell out of Nusul with lately... I'm working on grinding them down in to animal essence right now and still have about 2k to go...

    I've got a viper whip, moccasin, cobra, and Adjusted Boiga. I'm only finally in the sib period on the boiga... once that's maxed I'll probably try to work on some higher level taming stuff...

    Since essence, as a stackable, is lootable in pvp zones, and pets themselves are not, I'm interested in finding a shop owner on Arkadia that is in need of a constant supply of animal essence, or alternatively various types of pets, etc.

    I was originally going to just keep em all as pets down in underground storage until I need the essence, and Mindark actually would allow this since they say that storage can technically be unlimited in space (we are talking like over 5-6 k items in "my items" at certain points in time because of all of the pets)... but have decided since the grinding in to essence takes so damn long, I'll just grind em down as I get spare time now and then...

    shoot me some messages here in forums or in game, etc. if you got some pet needs or know of someone who is...

    If no one takes me up in to some partnership on this thing I'll probably eventaully buy a shopkeeper for the ol apartment to make it a place where essence is always available on Ark.
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