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Important! Visual bug effecting items in SFE shops

Discussion in 'SFE - Southern Fortress Engineering' started by Snape, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. Snape

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    Hi Folks,

    Due to a number of bugs that managed to ride in on the back of the recent VU, SFE's shops are currently suffering a bit of a display issue.

    All of our armours that are normally stocked on Tron Display Columns are experiencing some visibility issues or just straight out glitching graphically (in the case of gloves). However, any armour that is currently sold from a Shopkeeper is unaffected by this bug and should be able to be purchased normally.

    This bug is currently affecting our Sanctuary Cove, Port Atlantis Mall and Twin Peaks Mall shops.

    Support has been unable to give us an ETA on when this will be fixed nor has their suggested solution helped.

    So at this point, if you need something from us that normally is stocked on a Tron, please PM me here or at PCF (ACEwoK) or email us on orders@southernfortress.com.au and we will custom make what you need and arrange a time to meet up.

    Other than that, all we ask is that you are patient and wait/hope that Support can sort this out soon.

    We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, but its all in the hands of Support (and Lootius) at this stage.