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RSS Feed Version Update 14.7 Known Issues

Discussion in 'Entropia Release Notes' started by ArkadiaBot, May 14, 2014.

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    The following are known issues:

    • There is a display issue affecting several hairstyles.
    • The sliders in the avatar creation interface are offset from the visual display making it difficult to customise avatar appearance.
    • There is an issue preventing certain creatures from being targeted, including Mindreaver and Marcimex.
    • There is an issue affecting chat filters in the main chat interface. This issue prevents private messages from appearing in the main chat tab, though they will still show up if activated in other tabs. To show private messages in a custom chat tab, right-click the tab name and tick the "Private messages" box in the menu that appears. Also make sure that at least one of the sub-filters "Friends" or "Other" is enabled in the tab.

    There is no need to submit further support cases for the known issues listed above, as they have the full attention of our development team and will be corrected in the next patch.

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