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RSS Feed Upgraded Graphics Engine in the Next Release

Discussion in 'Entropia Release Notes' started by ArkadiaBot, Nov 22, 2019.

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    Upgraded Graphics Engine in the Next Release

    The upcoming release of Entropia Universe, scheduled for early December 2019, will include the biggest visual update of Entropia since the switch to CryEngine. This is a massive update that takes the engine to a whole new level, with modern physically based shading and greatly improved processing of light and colors.

    Physically based shading enables MindArk and the Planet Partners to create assets that look better than ever before, since they interact with light in a way that's based on how it works in real life. Improved lighting, post processing, bloom and color curves gives the picture a natural and photographic appearance.

    This is not an engine switch but an upgrade of the existing renderer so all gameplay systems are unaffected.

    With this update we are sure that you will find some treats when you revisit your favourite areas throughout the Universe so head to the nearest teleporter or fuel up your spacecraft and go explore!

    Additional note:

    As this render engine upgrade uses DirectX 11 that is only compatible with Windows Vista and later it will not be possible to start Entropia Universe on Windows XP after this release. Mindark kindly asks any players that still uses Windows XP to upgrade their computers to a DirectX 11 compatible version of Windows.

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