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Uber Tier

Discussion in 'Crafting' started by happy_hipster, Oct 10, 2017.

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    I shopped tiers for my HK's. Then on my Rookie Finders. Then I started watching on items I grind. I mean, who cares, its Settler Shin, why bother?

    But if you own 1 Settler shin, shouldn't it have all tiers over 200?

    Then I got a Mako Fal-2 with tiers in THE THOUSANDS. A hundred times normal tiers. There are some at Swirls in Valient. Uber Tier Items.
    (WTB Mako Fal-3 BP) Today I got a Herman Ark-0 with a range in the hundreds. A ten times tiers Ark-0.

    Ill post some SS later, post urs