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Trying to gather list of Motherships.

Discussion in 'Space' started by Lancaster, Nov 2, 2012.

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    So, I was looking up the mothership list, and I found out its horribly out of date. I thought to kill some time I'd try and make an up-to-date list of the motherships, their owners, captains, pilots, and the like. Also a few other questions about it from a bit of research into the subject.

    Pilot, Owner, Deed Holder, Claimed By. What are their meanings? What are the differences?
    EDIT- This has been answered to my satisfaction. Thank you fish.

    Please, tell me all you can about this list:

    1 - Bismarck - Milela Sakuba Wilnfe
    2 - Saratoga - Xpl0jd
    3 - Yamato - Eugenio Anhithe Wilde
    4 - Fortune - Zachurm Deathifier Emegen
    5 - Revenge - Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs ( I know it was sold, now called the MacReady, owned by Entropia Transport. Captained by John Mothership Macready.)
    6 - Victory - Miss Hoff Bad
    7 - Thule - Atami Tami Atemi
    8 - Ticonderoga - sold Oracle Kev FountofWisdom
    9 - Kronan - Sbinortz Sbi Latz' tek
    10 - Krusenstern - Modified Akoz Power
    11 - Enterprise - Zek z3kdark3r Darker
    12 - Alabama - Augis Auktuma Tumas
    13 - Normandie - John Black Knight
    14 - Varyag - donvoon crazyhunter batranu
    15 - Gagarin - George Ace Skywalker
    16 - Dreadnought - geats

    EDIT: Updated list found. Thanks Black!

    Are the name listed the deed holders, pilots, owners? And can you supply the names of those in the other positions I mentioned, or a link to the info where I can find it?

    After I get this set, I'll be doing a list of Privateers (There are 60, right?), so while I'm not looking for the information yet, if you have any, it'd be appreciated.

    For the hell of it, I'm also trying to document SI, but I can understand if you'd rather not give that out.

    I also understand there are a few fleets of ships out there, could I get a name of the larger fleets out there?

    Any other information regarding Ships you'd like to toss in as well would be greatly useful.

    Also on my to-do list is to combine all the various posted transport schedules and prices. This is gonna be fun.

    Till next time,