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Trade is the circulation of "life" in the Entropian economy

Discussion in 'General Economy Discussion' started by Erastothenes, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. Erastothenes

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    I have visited this before, and about - maybe - once a year I'l keep nagging about it :)

    There is to much taken out of our ingame economy by the Explosive Projectiles manufacture. I do not advocate changing the cost of production, nor the (potential) rewards - that's a different debate.

    The issue worth looking into, as I see it, is the cycling in the total Entropia economy. In any ecomony, the cycling of means (normally/mostly money) is like the circulation of blood. It is life. As a capitalist, I believe this.

    The making of explosive projectiles based on a resource bought from MA rather than one (or more) found by hunting or mining is detrimental to the Entropia economy. Short term MA get revenue - which the company also would get long term.
    The nanocube may come from greed, desperation related to MA's financial situation, or both. Short term money comes in direct, mostly bypassing the ingame economy. There's the trade in BP's, but that is irrelevant compared to the sums spent on nanocubes.

    If what needed to manufacture explosives came from resources gathered rather than bought directly from MA, MA's revenue related would come more slow - but still come. Entropians would repair and replace gear. More resources traded equals more auction fees.

    And most importantly, there would be more circulation. More opportunity for participants to build an ingame economy. Possibly less deposits (of those directly related to purchasing nanocubes), but then again maybe not - to get the resources for the production of explosives one would need to have the means to either buy from the auction, or head out and find. Hence deposits.

    On the auction; please let PEC be used when setting prices, in bidding and in the related auction fees. This will open the auction for smaller trades. To motivate MA: It might offset, some, what MA now potentially looses when Entropians trade direct rather than go through the auction system.

    Get rid of different types of Mind Essence. Let there be only the original type.

    I have a gut feeling about "Universal Ammo", I do not like it. But I have not been able to marshal my thoughts properly yet, on this.

    Cheers and may Lootious see us all clearly!

  2. mastermesh

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    Uh, you realize you are seriously contradicting yourself here don't you?...

    The various types of sweat and Mind Essence allow for the various sweat types to be traded. If cycling is so important, those looted sweat types must be too. If anything traditional vibrant sweat should probably be removed according to your thoughts since it does not require any input as far as cycling goes other than time...

    Minimum of +1 bids on auction allow those that cycle to actually profit off of the current system. Removing that and reducting it pec will cause actually less to be cycled since potential profit per click will reduce, which will probably make fewer folks actually click in the first place... it's all about supply and demand...

    Why is trading of Blueprints 'irrelevant'? It's NOT... especially if you are such a big believer in cycling. Do you realize how many damn clicks a crafter has to click on to get one blueprint to drop?!?... Do you realize how rare some bluepints really are?... Try going to the auction and filling up entire blueprint book for each blueprint book on each planet... it will likely take you a while and in some cases be completely impossible. That, my friend, is an economy in work. Some items are more rare than others... profit potential in cycling... etc.

    Explosives allow crafters to craft daily even when no resources are available that they want to craft with at that time. Same goes for hunters using ammo.... Think about it... what if tomorrow all ammo was removed except explosives and all probes were made to not be available unless there was a new version that could only be crafted... crafters need to survive in this game too. Explosives allow crafters the ability to skill up just like hunters using ammo from the tt or from universal ammo in boxes bought on the auction.

    Been saying it a long time that those that if people really are complaining about explosives they should be advocating that trade terminals should be completely removed, or at least have the ability to sell things back to the trade terminal be removed... but that will never happen, nor should it. However, if you really don't like explosive crafting that's what you should really be advocating imho. It is the ultimate answer to the slipper slope you want to climb.
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  3. San

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    Without the 1 PED step size I would not have been able to sell most common loot items for any kind of markup worth bothering at all. This is however rather counterintuitive, and will seldom occur to those who don't actually try it with some persistence for the aversion caused by the experience of losing fees on expired auctions. Therefore most of us will go through at least a phase of wishing it gone, many never to return. See it like hunting or mining: Sometimes you miss or hit a dud. Sometimes you hit gold when you get better markup than expected or it sells faster than expected. What counts is the statistical result, when positive outcomes outweigh negative ones you win. Negativity though is what sticks emotionally, if you don't know how to dispell it.

    There is a group of items where it is a problem, like blueprints or weapons looted from low-level creatures with a TT value below 1 PED, where markup gets inflated beyond reasonable by the threshold and fees. It has a chilling effect on new player retention when they find out what a terrible deal it is to buy e.g. a Rubio or Lancehead from auction, or try to sell one. This should be addressed. The issue is known since long though and has been voiced many times through all the relevant channels.