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Discussion in 'Entropia Release Notes' started by ArkadiaBot, May 27, 2016.

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    ComPet: Behind The Game

    The ComPet Shop: Currencies

    ComPet uses a real cash virtual currency: Project Entropia Dollars (PED).

    The PED currency is the main unifying factor between ComPet and Entropia Universe. It should be noted that accounts from Entropia Universe are not pre-registered with ComPet accounts, and that it is not currently possible to move PED directly from Entropia Universe to ComPet (or visa versa).

    In the ComPet Shop, players have the ability to increase their PED balance through real-cash deposits. Deposited PED can then be exchanged for gold and diamonds in ComPet. Gold and diamonds are ‘soft currencies’: they do not represent real-world monetary value. It is perfectly possible to play ComPet using only the soft currencies.

    Here is a quick overview of the currencies and their uses in ComPet:


    Gold (Soft Currency)

    Used for:

    • Acquiring buildings.
    • Acquiring pets.
    • Acquiring pet abilities.
    • Getting updates for your buildings.
    • Setting pets on Quests
    • Levelling up pets
    • Training pets in The Gym
    • Speeding up replenishment of a pet’s health

    Obtained from/by:

    • Mines
    • Defeating Basic Battlepack Holders in The Arena
    • Defeating AI pets
    • The ComPet Shop
    • Raiding a player when they are offline


    Diamonds (Soft Currency)

    Used for speeding up the following processes:

    • Constructing buildings
    • Training pets in The Gym
    • Research in The Library

    Obtained from/by:

    • Certain Quests
    • The ComPet Shop
    • Defeating AI pets (occasionally).
    • Defeating Basic and Premium Battlepack Holders in The Arena


    PED (Hard Currency)

    Used for:

    • Acquiring gold and diamonds in The ComPet Shop.
    • Acquiring another pet slot in The Stables.
    • Acquiring a Premium Battlepack

    Obtained from/by:

    • Defeating Premium Battlepack Holders in The Arena.
    • The ComPet Shop

    Supplementary Note to Closed Compet Beta Testers:
    The focus of the first Beta period is on testing basic features and stability. As such, the ability to acquire PED through real-cash deposits is currently disabled.

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