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Team Guide

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Jenny ferr, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Explanation of a few words they use in the team settings.

    Item = any loot no matter if it's a stackable or what we players usually refer to as items (such as weapons, tools, ESIs.)
    Stackable = things that can be split such as ammo, animal oils or hides and so on..
    Value = Trade Terminal(TT) value, no markup included

    The explanation pretty much sums it up how it works, however be aware of these things that's not so clear in the rule description:

    Stackables will NOT be split
    Even if a team member doesn't inflict any damage on the looted creature they will still receive loot according to the rule.

    This is the most commonly used rule by teams in Entropia.

    Stackables will be split

    Probability is the key word here, even if one team member do almost all the damage he/she can be unlucky and receive the lowest amount of loot from the creature.

    Stackables will NOT be split

    Nothing strange here, the one who loot the creature receives all it's loot. However when looting another player in lootable pvp it function as "Most Damage Wins All", since the loot action is triggered by default when the player dies.

    Nothing strange here either, the one who does most damage gets all the loot from the creature.

    Example of how this setting will work:

    First loot
    Jenny received a Miluca Timber.
    Snipes received a Animal Oil Residue.
    EwoK received a BLP Pack (32).
    Jenny received a Weapon Cells (76).
    Next loot
    Snipes received a Animal Eye Oil (2598).
    EwoK received a Miluca Timber (2).
    Jenny received a Animal Oil Residue.

    Stackables will NOT be split
    Even if a team member doesn't inflict any damage on the looted creature they will still receive loot according to the rule.

    Stackables will NOT be split
    Even if a team member doesn't inflict any damage on the looted creature they will still receive loot according to the rule.

    To use this you need to purchase minimum the "Premium Voice Package", once you activated that you can use voice team chat with up to 6 members and if you want to use it with a full team of 12 people you need to activate "Premium Voice Team Package+"
    (you also need to be the team leader)

    Premium Voice, cost 15ped for 30days
    Premium Voice Team, cost 25ped for 30days
    (Both will allow you to make in game voice calls outside teams to people as well, both need to have a premium package or the one making the call is the only one who can speak)

    This is a setting the team creator can choose to pay the healer % of the loot, but be aware that any loot can be payed out to the healer and the hunter can't know what their loot return will be so he/she don't know what amount the healer will get.

    Example of how this will look:
    Jenny received Animal Oil Residue (Healer Loot).
    Jenny received BLP Pack (31) (Healer Loot).
    EwoK received a Miluca Timber.
    Snipes received BLP Pack (32).

    Personal note:
    Personally I never use this as a healer because of these reasons.
    You have no control over what loot that will be payed to the healer and I don't want to end up in a situation where I as healer got the most valuable item from a loot.
    And you can never be sure that the % you get will cover your costs

    I always make sure the payment is agreed upon before the hunt, then if the hunter wants to pay me with loots after the hunt then that's alright as then he/she decides which loot they want to pay me with.
    For the same reason I won't use this setting if I'm the hunter who hired someone to heal me.


    And apart from the rules above, teams usually have an agreement to share any high TT items evenly between the team members and usually that include any markup from a sale of the item too.
    But this is just something agreed upon by the team members, not a fixed rule so make sure you ask about this if you are new to the team.

    Also whenever you enter a Team someone else set up make sure to check the Settings they put the team on. This picture will show you how to check it, click on the Team Settings icon.
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  2. OooEeeOooAhAh

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    This is a good and well informed guide to team settings. I will say just from creating nusul swunt teams that I have had 3 in a row days with globals on "share loot" where 2 of the globals went to new people that run/logout when they get the high tt weapon.

    That plain sucks but always have a team that you trust and have an agreement to split profits with. Healers should have an agreement for decay which I think is the usual =)
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