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Supremacy Reign is recruiting

Discussion in 'SocTalk' started by Ardorj, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Ardorj

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    Supremacy Reign is recruiting now
    Supremacy Reign has a sister soc, Supremacy Reign HQ. We are the lower
    skilled soc of this group and range from 40k to 180k skills.
    Beside hunting we craft, mine, heal, color and manage some shops.

    Skilling is an important aspect for many members of our soc. The members are
    from all over the world have a sence of humor, are very sociable and like
    to chat about everything from in game topics too real life problems.

    We are looking too recruit more like minded players who have a sence of humor,
    like skilling, the occassional teamhunt, and the social aspect of a tight knit

    One must be:
    1. Active and friendly
    2. Financial able to take care of oneself.
    3. Understand and communicate in english.
    4. Be trustworthy (no scammers, beggars)

    You will get:
    1. A Strong organization with tight friends.
    2. A Strong organization with direction.
    3. Access to people with a wealth of knowledge.
    4. Access to the societies private forum here on Planet Calypso Forum.
    5. Access to a well known and respected society.

    Base requirements:
    1. 40k in total skills
    2. A minimum top profession level of 25 in any combat, mining or crafting profession
    3. You have to have played active for at least 6 month
    4. You should be online at least 2 sessions a week

    Once a new member has been recruited he or she has to go through a trial period which
    will last for 30 days. This trial period does not have any guidelines or instructions. It’s a
    period of getting to know who you are and a feeling for how you fit into Supremacy Reign.
    Skilling can go at your own pace and we do not expect you to log in every day
    and play 10 hours a day as we all have real life to deal with. But we do wish too attract
    some active players that are looking for the next step up in their game play.

    OUR VISION: One of being an interactive society that builds a Reputation that stands
    on Honor, Valor, Integrity and Strength.

    OUR GOALS: Having fun, Skill Development, Organize Group Hunts and Activities.

    How you can apply:
    If you would like to join Supremacy Reign, please post here or pm me with the following information. You can also send Juliane a pm on the PlanetCalypsoForum.

    Full Avatar Name:
    Total amount of skills:
    Top profession level in any combat, mining or crafting profession:
    Length of time playing EU:
    Societies you were in in the past:
    Where do you know the Supremacy Reign from?:
    Any additional information/skills you think we might need to know to help you get into the Soc:
    I'am usually online (MindArc time):

    After that please apply at the soc terminal.

    The only downside of Supremacy Reign is that most members are active on Planet Calypso. :whistle:
  2. Ardorj

    Ardorj Active Member Pro Users

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    More of us are realizing that Arkadia is the better planet. Come join us! :cowboy:
  3. Ardorj

    Ardorj Active Member Pro Users

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    You can make a snowman or dance in the rain outside; you can also make friends with us and dance on the corpses of the creatures we kill!
  4. Triton

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    BBBuuuuuuuuuuuummmp :)
  5. SallyBridges

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    Consider this a Bump from a new member - all I can say is this soc is Brilliant. Have been out of society for a while and well on a first team hunt with both sections of the Supremecy Reign Family.

    This Heun Old Was Kind to us and we made it to 99th on the Hall Of Fame ;) .

    View attachment 9415

    Also Consider this Another Member Active on Arkadia as I have way to many more Kadras to Kill ;) ;)