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Suggestions to Fix Aakas

Discussion in 'Instances' started by svena, Jun 12, 2022.

  1. svena

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    I posted this on the discord, but I figured I should post it here too.

    Since you guys seem to want to make the golden door a bit more easy to get, I have a few suggestions for the golden parts.

    First, box loot instances are horrible. MA screwed them up from the get go and seem to have no desire to fix them. Getting 80-85% capped tt return just for a small increase of unL items (until those items hit the population cap anyways) is not sustainable. Now that about all you can hope to loot that has MU are golden parts, even if you got a lot of golden parts in your loot you would need 200-300% MU on them to break even, which is not going to happen.

    Second, killed mobs take 3 minutes to de-spawn in the instance. This means the F key does not work and you have to manually change mobs. Super super annoying.

    Now both of those are primarily MA issues, putting some pressure on them to fix them would be great. Luckily aakas has an alternative mode.

    Solo loot each mob mode seems to have normal hunting tt returns and mobs de-spawn as soon as you loot them. There is one issue with this mode, the TT on golden parts. They are far too high for normal hunting, since not only do you need to get them to drop, they have to drop during a time when you have a good loot multiplier value.

    My Suggestion: Change solo loot mobs in aakas to drop Golden Part fragments of each type. Make the TT low enough that it can drop during a normal no multiplier kill (something like 25%-50% of an average cost to kill) and put another NPC down there that will trade enough fragments and give you a normal golden part.
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  2. Dove

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    And please fix the cooldown timer on the NPC (takes circa 45 second wait between keys to exchange to mini key).