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Stargate alliance

Discussion in 'SocTalk' started by Osiris, Jul 13, 2011.

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    [ Start of transmission]


    Hi, i just show you the birth of a new group. The head of this alliance is on the planet Calypso.
    However, i chose to present this alliance on the planet Arkadia.
    The communication channel will be here.


    To join this group you must be owner of a "Stargate" [ space thruster UNLIMITED ].
    Its a new item very rare that instantly appeared in summer 2011 and unique design. The number of these items is estimated at around 37~ throughout the universe/ technical maximum 70.
    [ The exact number is unknown ]

    - This thruster was sent to the owners of an estate deed: hangars owners -

    We do not yet know the future of this alliance. Over the years, and over time perhaps she will take matters. Only time can answer this question. If one day you have one of those rare items,
    or if you are interested by this alliance :
    You can send me a privated message on this forum to contact/join the alliance.
    We 'll can meet us on the planet Arkadia, good fly !


    [ End of transmission ]