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Specific language foruns?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Murkalael, May 31, 2015.

  1. Murkalael

    Murkalael Active Member

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    I once played a game where it's forum had language specific session. Would be nice to have a general talk session for some of the most spoken languages in the game.
  2. Dan59

    Dan59 Active Member

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    PE adn EU were always been english and so forums too as they have to deal with wide international population.
    Maybe your idea could be good but i have funny experience from ingame activity.
    In few ocasion i had dificulty to talk in PM in my language.
    After a while in EU you get so used with EU wording wich is a mix of english and bunch of shortened words or words wich have meaning only in EU that you need a time to find how to say something wery simple (wich can understand any EU player on fly) in your own language.
    So an conwersation can result in mix of english, specific language and a lot of EU specific shorts, ofc no any kind of gramar- in total an disaster specialy if you talk with newcomer.