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Space Travel Guide

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Morgoth, Aug 10, 2018.

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    Traveling with a Quad in Space as Safely as Possible
    The following steps are to help in avoiding pirates, but are not that easy, and might take a bit of time to find your comfort zone in accomplishing them successfully. Also, these are instructions for using a Quad spacecraft because using a Sleipnir is incredibly slow and thus more of a risk.

    Action library commands used in guide - Align horizontal, next vehicle seat

    Knowing if a pirate is camping at a Space Station

    First, open your Friend List (Contact List). Uncheck all options except for "Nearby" This only works in non-PvP. The "Nearby" range and visual range in Space is around .200 AU.

    The idea is to use your Friend List/Nearby feature to see if a pirate is at the Space Station. If the Space Station is empty of players, your Friend List will have no one on it. If you do see a name on your friendlist that you do not know, it could be a pirate, and when unsure it's best to side with caution. As a side note, NEVER face in the direction you intend on leaving in, or give any hint to the direction you intend on leaving in. If they see you face straight up or down, or at a steep angle as described later in the guide, they can anticipate your movement. Which means when they leave they can just circle to where they think you will be heading, or even craftier, have a team mate of theirs go wait there and them disconnect in front of you to make you feel safer. Pirates are crafty, think crafty and give away none of your intentions.

    Your options if a possible pirate is at the space station at this point are;

    1 - Wait till they leave before continuing with the steps in the guide.​

    1A - right click your spacecraft and select "Next Vehicle Seat" where you will be sitting in your Gunner seat and it will save you gas.​

    1B - If both seats are occupied then fly into the space station.​

    2 - Just buy a warp from a warp service that knows how to handle moving customers in lootable pvp.​

    2A - I do recommend you do some basic research on warp services before hiring anyone, some have a better track record of not getting customers looted then others.​

    Leaving the Space Station safely after making sure no pirate is camped nearby.

    If a pirate or possible pirate is not at the Space Station, they could still be outside the Space Station on the main path that people take to other popular planets. Try to think about it like a pirate attempting to avoid detection from players using the nearby list. Odds are he will spawn at the space station, then put a waypoint on the most popular planet nearby, then fly about .250AU out from the safe zone so that players using the nearby function of the friendlist wont see him till they are into pvp.

    So with this in mind just because you made sure the Space Station was clear, it doesn't mean it's time to relax and enjoy your flight, many have been looted like this.

    Now I want to clearly say, there is ALWAYS risk if your not taking a warp you can log out on.

    If your friendlist displays no names on it, it's time to make your move out of the station, but try and think of space as 3 dimensional, and keep in mind the visual range of .200AU. If a pirate sees you he can try and triangulate using a shorter path to your destination to gradually move into firing range, so best thing is never to be seen.

    This can be accomplish this by heading straight up or down from where you spawn at the space station. But it can also be done heading out at different very steep angles to avoid a direct up or down path in case pirates wise up to this method and begin waiting at -500 to-1000 or 500 to 1000 altitude. Your altitude can be checked by pressing p and looking at your system chat, altitude is the last number to the right.

    After you reach the desired altitude, set the waypoint to your destination and proceed. Waypoints are set at the altitude you're at when setting them. If you set a waypoint before you finish ascending or descending, you will fly at a long decline or incline angle to your destination and use more fuel. Also, you might be flying at a position where you might be spotted by a pirate. To level yourself to the horizontal plane use the command in the action library "align horizontal"

    Once again I cannot stress this enough, there is no trick or method that is 100% safe that doesn't involve using a warp ship with a reputable service you can log out on before entering pvp, and log back in after arriving at the space station of your choice, then teleporting down.

    But if you are dead set on risking it, this is the best method... but pls, just get a warp!

    Big thanks to DME from the monria team in helping edit this guide into a more presentable format.
    Written and presented by | Sinister "Morgoth" Evil
    A member of the | Kronan Interstellar Space Services (KISS)
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