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SoReal's Equus Warp Service

Discussion in 'Services' started by SoReal, Jan 5, 2017.

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    Hi folks

    Introducing my Equus Warp Service.

    I offer warp flights using my Equus , standard base price is 20 ped per warp and 10 ped pickup if on a different planet. Then 10 ped per warp (multiple planet visits) there after within the same charter.
    This is the planet to planet charge as we can warp right into the planet all planet entry fees are covered.

    I try to keep my weight to a minimum around 10-15kg so you have about 130kg of weight for yourself although its nice to have the Equus under 100kg for full sub warp speed.

    I am available in game for many hours a day and you can find me in the player register , just type "soreal" in the search box and if online I should be able to respond to your request very quickly.

    Please visit the website for full information about me and my extensive space pilot experience, the service and discounts available.

    Youtube video for the service is also available showing just how quick an equus warp can be :)

    Looking foward to your custom.
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