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SHOP: Celeste Harbor North #8: The .Point

Discussion in 'Property' started by happy_hipster, Jul 17, 2021.

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    Everything ARKADIA and then some!
    Get The .POINT?
    The Arkadian Store

    /wp [Arkadia, 30054, 10253, 99, the .Point]

    A collection of craftables, lootables and tradables,
    generally SELLABLES from Arkadia to the universe!

    That sure is a lot of ABLES! 475 Item Points, and We TRY to use them all!
    You Can Browse SOME of The Stock RIGHT NOW!

    Armors to Upgrade Viceroy (not the mats)
    ALL Enhancers 1-5
    ALL Pulsar Plates 2-10
    Hermans, Mako's, Manta's
    Rage, Hotfoot, Longreach, Bullseye, Headshot
    Terramasters and Terra Amps
    Gyro and Gyro Combat
    Pets, Whips, Nutrio and Essences

    Anything I can make, I can make for you WITH NO MU. You provide the mats, and the product is YOURS! I only keep the QR, skills, and bp drops. If you want it CHEAP, this is the way to go. Stack the mats and residue, when needed, and its ALL YOURS at NO COST. Items in the shop are not only for sale, but are EXAMPLES of what is available for me to craft for you.

    Items that can be looted ONLY ON ARKADIA. I can't ever manage to offer it all, but if you have it, and want to sell it, but don't want to risk auction fees or deal with a 7 day time limit, then I can host your ARKADIN LOOTABLES on consignment as well. Same as stacks, you set the price and get 100% of the proceeds when the items sell.​

    Thanks a lot for reading through this, and I look forward to seeing you at Harbor North, close to the TP and Terminals, with FREE PARKING and a great view of the waterfall!

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    The .Point Could REALLY UTILIZE
    Your Neglected Shop Keepers!

    Click HERE to see my suggestions for NEW TYPES OF SHOPKEEPERS!

    Supply and Demand
    I have seen empty shopkeepers in empty shops and wonder how many are sitting in storage? Really, with the price of diamonds so high, why are so many vaults full of diamonds that have never been and never will be up for sale? It's an old trick, reduce supply to increase demand so the price is artificially inflated. Well, really, I don't want to own a bunch of overpriced SKs, I just want to sell vehicles in my shop.
    And 14 more item points is kinda nice too!

    14 More?
    Well, I have a solution. You don't HAVE to sell that shopkeeper, that really is not its intended use. It is not a poker chip , it is a VENDING MACHINE! What a vending machine needs is a HIGH TRAFFIC location and sought after stock to fill it with. A Shop Keeper does not MAKE money in storage or in an apartment on the 68th floor of some obscure condo complex, it gains value. YOU CAN DO BOTH! I will put your SK in The.Point, the most highly visited shop on Planet Arkadia, and you can fill it with anything you want to sell at whatever rate you want to sell them for. NO FEE.
    Since the SK takes up 6 item points, that's all I ask, six items per SK.

    Location, Location, Location
    Calypso has a huge consumer base. The numbers are just there, lots of people buying lots of items. What could go wrong? Everything! It has a HUGE number of people selling a huge number of items, and the unmanageable competition drives prices so low,
    you literally have to PAY PEOPLE to BUY YOUR STUFF! Arkadia does not suffer from this fatal flaw, it is why I love my home so much. I feel comfortable setting it and forgetting it, once cost to manufacture is determined with a respectable MU, people have the choices of bringing everything they need with them, making it themselves, buying what is available or not having it at all.
    Once you establish a consistent supply at a respectable price, people not only come back, but they send their friends.

    The interior of the shop is reserved primarily for Arkadian Items only, it is the focus and purpose of the.Point, to highlight the wonderful wonders Arkadia has brought to EU. Out front is the "Display Area" which catches the eye of the passerby, and with the other shops located on this row of prime real estate, people do pass by and their eye is caught! I have room for up to seven Shopkeepers in this display area, or six with the proper signage describing contents and crediting SK providers. While some shop owners waste this most valuable space in the shop to display trophies and other items not for sale, we can utilize the most visible
    Display Area to highlight an army of SKs that were once hidden from their intended use.

    Use of This Vital Addition
    It should go without saying that non-Arkadian items are the target products for the display area SKs. But I just said it, soooooo. Seriously, the first thing the.Point needs is lines of Armatrix, so one SK for each of the types of Armatrix goods, as an example, on SK with 14 different LR's. Also, things that are to tiny to properly display on a traditional diplay , such as rings and pills. What I intend to use the SK's for are vehicles, since they cannot be sold in the shop at all.
    Your Shopkeeper is BORED! Most Traffic ON THE PLANET. Seriously.
    Utilize Your Neglected SK, NO FEE!> DETAILS:https://tinyurl.com/3674n3v7

    213 views at the beginning of this Promo

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