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RSS Feed Server Downtime for Release

Discussion in 'Entropia Release Notes' started by ArkadiaBot, Apr 19, 2021.

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    On Tuesday 2021-04-20 at 08:00 UTC, the Entropia Universe servers will be taken offline for an update to release 17.7.0 We estimate a downtime of 2 hours. Estimated max download size for this release is approximately 1.5 GB. For details on UTC ...

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  2. happy_hipster

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    AWESOME! I am holding my breath waiting for the fix on the land plot bug that prevents the harvesting of fruit, over a year now for me. Also, making it possible for weapons cabinets to HOLD WEAPONS. And chairs and couches, they are going to make it so one can, I don't know, SIT ON THEM? Maybe an upgrade to A.N.U.B.I.S. so that old bp's and items become more current again? Codex? Did I mention CODEX?

    And while Im holding my breath for Ark, sure would be nice if they restored the Cyrene armor upgrades. I still feel a bit robbed on that one too!

    I wonder how long I have to hold my breath. I wonder how long I CAN?