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Quad hunting guide

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Morgoth, Aug 10, 2018.

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    Make sure you have read the Space Travel Guide first before moving on to
    the Space Hunting Guide. It covers basic game mechanics used in PvP4.
    Take the time to read the guides more than once, because PvP4 does not forgive mistakes!

    List of commonly used Space Terms

    SS -- Space Station (eg; Monria SS, Arkadia SS, etc)
    TT -- Trade Terminal -- also used as a reference for selling loot to the Trade Terminal (eg; I TT'd my loot)
    MS -- Mothership
    PF/SF -- Pathfinder / Starfinder
    SI -- Structural Integrity -- basically a ship's HP (hit points)

    What you will need to Hunt in Space

    First and foremost you will need a Quad Interceptor (L) spacecraft, with an attached Kismet Light Laser (L) which is your firepower. It is recommended to cycle 100-200 PED per hunting run to get more even results. If you have the time and can afford to do more, it always helps to stop on a Global or good Mini. A Mini is decent loot but doesn't equate to a Global.

    Second thing you will need is a good spot to learn space hunting. Monria is a good location because it has 2 training grounds nearby that are accessible without flying very far. Also, it's easy to revive or fly back to Monria to storage without having to pay landing fee's, or needing to TT loot at the Space Station before heading back out. Monria is the only Space Station where there is no fee to teleport down to the Moon.

    Assigning commands to keys you are comfortable with is the third thing you should consider. The commands that will be helpful in space hunting are:

    Rotate Camera -- let's you look around rather than just moving forward, really good for scanning the area
    --- (I bind this option to my mouse wheel MB3)
    Dashboard -- clears chat box's and other things from screen to give better view, use as a toggle key
    Desktop Icons -- removes icons from your screen to also give a better view, use as a toggle key
    Set Team Target -- allows you to see distance between you and the mob
    --- (this is very important for making sure you waste as little ammo as possible)
    Next Vehicle Seat -- moves you to Gunner seat, or from Gunner seat to Pilot seat
    --- (when Pilot seat is empty, engines turn off and it saves on fuel)

    You can access these commands by pressing the letter Y on your keyboard to get the Action Library. For help with Keyboard Functions & Keyboard Mapping.

    Now press O to access your Options screen -- one of the options will be "Move To Target When Interacting."


    This is a CRITICAL step in making sure you don't waste a lot of shots during the space hunt.

    As a side-note, I like to move my HP bar and chat box's more toward the center so that the edge of my screen is always clear. It allows me to see triangles (red in particular) and if someone is coming from behind, below, above, or from either side of me.


    Once you have everything set up, it is now time to leave the Monria SS and head to the Training Ground of your choice.

    Recommended Cosmic Horror hunting grounds for new space hunter near Monria:

    [59771, 79287, 1827] - Galactica Memorial (Cosmic Horrors)

    [62216, 77606, -1114] - Sayah Space (Cosmic Horrors)

    Keep in mind, there are other space mobs besides Cosmic Horror's, and they move a lot faster in most cases so the backing up trick wont work. Bring a big team you can trust!
    The following instructions will be helpful:

    1 - Set Team Target, the Kismet Light Laser (L) range is .0925 AU, the Gunner weapon is .045 AU. I recommend never using the Gunner weapon.

    2 - The attack range of cosmic horrors is about .05 AU, so make sure that you are further than that, but closer than .0925 AU from the mob. AND!!! -- a Quad backs up slower than it goes forward, but the backup speed is faster than the movement of the mobs so you can keep the mobs from hitting your ship while preserving your SI and giving you a better chance to best any pirate attacks.

    3 - DO NOT FIRE USING LEFT CLICK!!! -- if you are off target, you will miss and just spend ammo for nothing. Only shoot using right click, which is default/use action. If your settings are correct and "Move to Target when Interacting" is checked, you should only shoot on target. You can aim and keep right clicking until the mob is dead. Once dead, it will try to get you to go forward to loot it instead of firing. IF YOU ARE OFF TARGET, right click will not shoot, so use that. Space hunting is expensive and dangerous, so minimize your risks wherever you can. HOWEVER!!! -- it will shoot using right click if you are out of range, so watch your range when using right click and you will never fire into dead space.

    4 - Use Storage or the TT, and repair your ship regularly. Be sure to stay aware of space chatter about where pirates are, and BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. If you run into someone and you are not skilled in PvP, your best bet is to run away, or at least try to. If you attack someone else hunting that does not commit to an act of aggression, you run the risk of being labeled a pirate. Being labeled a pirate comes with major drawbacks in the social and trade aspects of the game, and I highly recommend avoiding it. To get back to the SS, you can either log out, then back in and float in space for a minute to die and revive at the SS, or you can fly back. If you choose to fly back, be sure to fly way under or above your position and then approach from that angle. Sometimes pirates wait out in PvP, but it's very rare for a pirate to camp 1k +/- normal SS altitude. If they are at the SS, odds are they aren't waiting for someone to come from below or above.

    REMEMBER -- the Safe Zone is not safe if you entered from the PvP zone and leaves you vulnerable for about 20 seconds. DO NOT STOP -- fly into the portal of a Mothership whose guest list you are on, or into the SS directly.
    Space map created by - "Alaina" Bonnie Knight of Titans of Space, Space Services (ToS)

    Thanks goes to everyone I play with in space, and from whom I have gathered much of the basics, as well as more advanced methods of space hunting that is explained in this guide. Also a big thanks to DME from the monria team in helping edit this guide into a more presentable format. This effort is to hopefully revive some of the space community and share what we know to help new players arise in space!

    Good Luck, and feel free to message me in-game if you need a hand learning space!
    Written and presented by | Sinister "Morgoth" Evil
    A member of the | Kronan Interstellar Space Services (KISS)

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  2. Granny Rowan

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    Locations are not specific as space mobs may be across a large area and at different elevations (space is 3D), so a pointer to where to start looking should be sufficient.
    As you point out pirates can read, so a specific location would attract the wrong attention. With a larger area they would as always have to seek that needle in a haystack. Until the hunter has loot, well the pirate is as good a target as any mob for pvp funa nd practice. Once you have any significant amount of loot then like any pvp, best to haul ass out of there.
    The reasons people go to space to hunt and take these risks are simple , firstly because it is there, this is a game and they wish to explore it all, secondly because some of the space globals look interesting and they want to try their luck. Like any PVP the potential gains carry risk.
    This OP simply tries to explain how to minimise those risks, where to find the hunt areas etc

    This forum is not space related but Arkadians do use space, please avoid trolling no matter how polite, before we find all space topics banned here. That would be a sad loss for Ark especially with the new moon due to arrive soon, and space about to play a larger part in life in this space sector.
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    What's this talk o pirates being literate?
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