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Positive Withdrawal Experience

Discussion in 'Deposits and Withdrawals' started by ArchAngel, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. ArchAngel

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    On November 13, 2015 I asked for a withdrawal to my bank account. It was commited on January 20 by MindArk. 7 days later my bank (for some unknown reason) rejected the deposit and it was returned to MindArk. I opened a support case and asked for a transfer to PayPal on February 1 and it arrived today February 5.

    The time it takes for a withdrawal is well, kind of ridiculous, but everyone should know that going in as I did. I also lost 10% of my withdrawal when my bank rejected the transfer. That is 100% my fault.

    I can't thank MindArk Customer Support enough for the quick turnaround in resolving this matter. I have seen a lot of threads (mostly on PCF) that paint Customer Support in a bad light, and wanted to relay a positive experience to my fellow Arkadians.

    So to any players that are waiting for their transfer, it will get there, just takes some time!
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  2. RavenJade

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    It's always nice to hear the positive... often people only think to write about the negative. Enjoy your real life ped :)
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