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Pop! Poppety! Pop! Pop!!

Discussion in 'Creatures' started by Jandre Kroeze, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Jandre Kroeze

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    Yes ladies and Gentleman! They are Popping. Big time. Was I right or was I right hmmm?

    Did you also notice the Magurg Male Stalkers Hofspamming yetserday? I did. They are indeed popping.

    Even if you dont like the land owner, you dont need to be that idiot, shorting yourself, on your piece of the pie.

    If I can loot shopkeepers and hit a 40K uber on a Magurg Male Stalker, so can you!!! Jus tdont give up too easy.

    My thinking of the Hoffer, "Clever Bastard! Obviouslly read my forum posts, and made a move. Good move and gratz from me."

    I told you. My Mobs are Fat. They been simmering and very ready to pop. Havent seen a huge banger, yet, which mean you havent killed the one margurg, who has it. Neither item drops ...yet.

    So its on. Hunters, you best take notice. Your loss if you dont. Go molest my mobs and figure out, I aint lying.

    Good luck Hunters! Im rootin and tootin 4 ya!