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Old Looking Items

Discussion in 'Items' started by sinkillerj, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. sinkillerj

    sinkillerj Active Member

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    This topic is largely inspired by Lovefalls unobtainable items topic, as well as me telling a few people recently about the way things were in the good old days. What I'd like info on is items that still exist but with a pre vu-9 model, especially wearable items. I have some like my trusty Basic Wrench but I would love to get ahold of more.

    Also its not particularly a buying topic, but do let me know if you have any of the old art for sale at a non bank breaking price. It's been a long time without news but I still haven't completely given up on my museum.
  2. littleswampymonster

    littleswampymonster Active Member

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    I have the following which I think no longer drops

    MR. Buggy
    electric rabbit
    teddy bear
    Fishing rod