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Suggestion New Types Of Shopkeepers

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by happy_hipster, Jan 5, 2022.

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    Not A Redesign, But ALL NEW TYPES of Shopkeepers

    Anyone who has a place to put it dreams of the Shopkeeper. You know, the highly sought, often stockpiled unused 20 item vending machine type display in the form of a person that can turn any apartment into a shop, or any shop into a mall. But after the mighty SK, what then?

    There are banks, or pawn shops, which can be considered a type of SK where items can be stored in exchange for fast cash, and then retrieved for a fee. I have never used this service, but am sure someone will help by filling in the details in comments.

    Then there are the idiot mannequins. Whomever misdesigned this item was probably fired a long time ago, or at least, we hope they have been. It is for display only and is a waste of item points IMHO. It needs to be able to be set to sell the entire diplay set for one complete price, making this item finally useful to sell complete outfits, or in my case, make it fast and easy to price and sell a complete set of armor in one go. FIX THE DAMN MANNY ALREADY!
    The TT Keeper
    Now we get into the real meat. Whomever you are, please pipe up and i will credit you for the suggestion of the TT Keeper. Place this bot, fill it with ped, and anyone can come to it and TT items just as they do any other TT. The catch is, the items will not be lost to the loot pool, but kept in circulation by the owner. Then THEY can decide whether to use, sell, TT, or (this is funny) fill up someone elses TT Keeper with it! GREAT IDEA.

    How about my personal suggestions, and favorites, the Order Keeper and the Rent Keeper.
    The Order Keeper
    You would set an Order Keeper by filling it with ped like a TT Keeper, but only to buy specific items and at specific markup. This would be an Traders dream, making them available to buy what they need even offline, keeping crafters, hunters, and miners productive and happy.
    The Rent Keeper
    The Rent Keeper would hold items of which the owner would set rates and durations of rental. It would essentially make rental official so that no one has to risk an item or property, and no one has to risk their deposit or items on said property. They would simply chose the item or property deed, set the time, and pay the fee. The item would go into the renters inventory, and a "Rent Deed" would hold its place inside the RK.
    Once the time expires, the item or property deed would return to the RK replacng the "Rental Deed", and if the item rented is a shop or apartment, the renters items within would return to their inventory. OFC, the renter would get advance notice and, when authorized, be able to extend their rental term.

    I, of course, highly recommend that these be instituted and disseminated primarily on Arkadia, and the person who first suggests any usuable item should get a first run sample gift of any said item implemented with credit in info tab.
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