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New player curious about Space. Looking to learn, through experience.

Discussion in 'Space' started by Lancaster, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Lancaster

    Lancaster New Member

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    I found out and joined Entropia only a few days ago. 3 days of mostly sweating. Heh, I remember wondering why 34 sweat wasn't giving me any PEC at the TT...But thats not important. I quickly learned that a lot of the game would require a bit of research on my part. I was directed to entropidia.info, and entropediadirectory. Great resources in their own right, but a multitude of information was several years old, and questionably relevant. The greatest lack of solid information was on the subject of space.

    I love the idea of life in space. After seeing the interceptor, I knew I had to have one. I wanted to go into space, and THAT would be my life...but the fact is I still haven't even been up there.

    So my question is, What can you tell/advise me about trying to set up a sustainable life in space?

    I'm not looking to get rich, just break even. Enough income to supply myself with Oil and Ammo. I don't plan on depositing if I don't have to, though I will be dropping a small amount down to cover setting myself up with a basic outfit and interceptor...I miss pants.

    Is it possible to live on a mothership? What is working on a mothership usually like? What opportunities are there for a wannabe fighter pilot?

    I also understand the need to find a mentor in my early start of play, and if anyone reading this is skilled in space play and looking for a disciple, please feel free to message me.

    I understand this game is a long investment, I just want to know what to expect. Thank you for reading this, and thank you if you choose to respond.
  2. Danton

    Danton Active Member Pro Users

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    Hi, and welcome :)

    At first, Sweat doesn't sell at TT. You need to find a buyer. On Arkadia, the most populated place is Celest Quarry. There you can try to sell your sweat. But be patient while selling. Some try to buy at cheapest price, some pay a bit more. Usually price nowadays *should* be between 3-5 Ped per 1k sweat.

    A live in space... hmmm. that will lead you to be a pirat. Many many ppl are looking at pirats as the scum of this game :). Whole space is lootable area. So if you got killed there, the player who killed you gets all your stackables you are carrying with you. If you plan to live up in space with your Quadwing you will have a hard time. Minimum you need: Quad Wing, attached weapon, ammo, repairtool and welding wire (repair tool "ammo").

    Some motherships hiring crew members, but don't know if owners pay the crew. Think most don't. Mainly free trips for earning skills (pilot skill, repairskill) are possible. (maybe wrong here, MS owners can tell you better).

    But in general -from my point of view- making your live in space is the worst decision you can make. :)
    Start on a planet of your choice and build up your basic skills in hunting, mining, healing etc. is better I think. Maybe space is fun for you later, but without another basic profession to earn some PEDs it's nearly imposible to survive in space without Deposits.

    Another point is, asking in forums is always good choice, but most of the time you will get different answers to same question. This "game" is very, very complex and everyone has a personal view on how things works best. Best advise I can give: learning, learning, reading, reading, try and error, try and error. And patience. Much patience! :)

    If you are on Arkadia, go to Celeste Quarry, You will find some Arkadian Advisers there to help you with your first steps. Also a *good* mentor will not be bad. But be sure, you *will* make mistakes like we all have done when starting, mostly years ago. This place here is different to all other games you ever played before.

    Good luck
  3. dalewj

    dalewj New Member

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    Danton pretty much said it all. Earning a living in space can probably only happen as a pirate. Arghh. There are mobs and such to kill, but the over all loot % is low out there.

    As for trying it out, I'll be on ark in a few days and if you want a free ride in my quad, i have a gun in the second seat you can try out on some mobs and maybe even Xane (A pirate around Ark). You just have to bring your own BLP ammo. takes about 10k of ammo to make a run of any type. Thats 100 ped. You can do it on maybe 25 ped tops for a quick hunting run.

    Space is good for new players, you dont need much skill to shot space mobs. But it is expensive
  4. Mordrell

    Mordrell Active Member Pro Users

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    Unfortunately with the way that space is setup atm its very underutilised. Atm its basically just something to separate the different planets and keep their economies separate. Maybe they will change all that later: allow us to mine in space, missions in space, storylines etc. But I rather doubt it. Since the planet partners do not draw income from space and only their respective planets I doubt they will be in a rush to expend resources on that particular dynamic. I think it will rather fall to MA to do something with space and at the speed they develop things it will be a few years away at least.

    There are however things you could try relating to space and living there that will not mean being a pirate. A transport service using a quad seems to be a good starting point for many. There is also the asteroid FOMA where with mining experience that I would suggest you first gain planetside you can make a fairly good living as a miner, I have to stress however that mining on FOMA is risky and not something to try with a limited budget or lacking experience. Crystal Palace space station also offers hunting opportunities for Aurli and Kreltin, unique mobs that can only be found there. Once again however hunting there is not for the new player, it will require a significant amount of skills and the proper equipment.

    If you have any other questions feel free to look me up ingame...