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New Owner!

Discussion in 'Mutation Station' started by Forgo, Apr 12, 2022.

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    Hello everyone!

    I recently purchased the Mutation Station from Dorlune, Lynn and Alex.
    I wish them luck in their next endeavor, truly great people.

    As it stands the Land is set at 4.2% hunting and 3.95% mining tax.

    The maturity settings are:

    Mutated Bokol - max spawn minimum maturity
    Mutated Bokol - max spawn minimum maturity
    Mutated Oro - minimum spawn minimum maturity
    Mutated Kalmadon - max spawn Low maturity
    Mutated Kalmadon - max spawn Low maturity

    I will be running tests on maturities with my tracker over time to determine the most optimal markup.
    So this is likely to change.

    I still need to figure out an event structure for people, which should be much easier to implement on Ark, than RT is.

    There is a small shop I have set up.

    I can craft over 2600 different things, including a massive variety of Arkadian goods, ALL Keys, ALL Terra amps, ALL Pulsar Plates, Bullseye, Longreach, Perseus and more! so let me know if you need anything stocked regular.

    I am open to all suggestions anyone may have big or small, please don't hesitate to contact me or post here. And look forward to coming up with a worthy reward structure.

    Have fun, enjoy and HOF large!

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