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NBK Army Recruiting Arkadia Players

Discussion in 'SocTalk' started by Faye, May 28, 2011.

  1. Faye

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    NBK information website: www.TheNBK.eu

    Our website goes into more detail about the NBK so I will keep it simple in this thread.

    Our New Player Society is always looking for new players and since Arkadia started it is a good idea to start recruiting the new players that roam Arkadia.

    NBK Army
    Requirement: none
    Info: Dedicated to helping new players learn the initial stages of this game. New players who skill up and prove that they are a quality person who is capable of getting along with others while also being respectful and honest move up to the NBK Societies.

    Feel free to ask any kind of questions that you have :)

    Find us at the Forum or at the society terminals
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    whats the main focus of this organisation? is it just to help people? or is there member benefits, organised runds and such? or is all this on your website? (im at work so id have to check at home :D)