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Nakor's free blueprint loan service

Discussion in 'Crafting' started by Nakor of Boreft, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. Nakor of Boreft

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    I offer my blueprints for use. Free of charge!

    Why would I do this?

    • The quality rating of my blueprints increases

    • I get to know more people,and get a better reputation.

    Why is this interesting for you?

    • You can use a blueprint you don't have.

    • More markup for the items you found while hunting or mining.

    • A cheap way to level up skills (see below)

    • A cheap way to get other blueprints (see below)

    1000 clicks on a 2 pec/click blueprint is cheaper than 1000 clicks on a 50pec/click blueprint. Meaning you can unlock Blueprint Comprehension a lot cheaper with a 2pec/click blueprint.

    The cheapest per click blueprints I have are:

    Explosive projectiles I 2 pec/click Mechanical engineer*

    Keldon stone texture 5 pec/click Materials manufacturer

    Basic auxilary socket 7 pec/click Electronics engineer

    Basic tube 7 pec/click Metal engineer

    Sandrunner fuel cells 13pec/click Vehicle engineer

    Trailblazer boots 45 pec/click Tailor

    Oiled Miluca board 51 pec/click Carpenter

    Enkidd Dire S1(L) 70 pec/click BLP weapons engineer

    Scout gloves 81 pec/click Armor engineer

    Gyro FAP-2 (L) 133 pec/click Tools engineer

    Mining excavator speed enhancer I 180 pec/click Enhancer engineer

    MAKO FAL-1 (L) 180 pec/click Longblades engineer

    Clericdagger 1A (L) 3.34 pec/click Shortblades engineer

    Headshot 1 406 pec/click Attachments engineer

    Pilot scorpion Rank 4 702 pec/click Laser weapons engineer

    Plasma Kyler 382 pec/click Plasma weapons engineer

    * All materials can be purchased at the TT, so there is no markup.

    Blueprints drop other blueprints of the same type. Blueprints for materials will drop blueprints for other materials, etc. Either from the planet they're used on, or Entropia Universe blueprints.

    The sandrunner energy cells is the cheapest per click (13 pec) blueprint that will drop vehicle blueprints! (http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/f...-vehicle-hunting-Blueprint-mats-to-RockTropia)

    A full list of all available blueprints can be found here: https://filamentenmeer.nl/Entropia/Nakor's-free-blueprint-loan-service.xls
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  2. Nakor of Boreft

    Nakor of Boreft Member

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    Back on Arkadia with (a lot) more blueprints.

    Also looking to add more blueprints to the service, so PM me if you have doubles you want to tt