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Mutation Station July Event

Discussion in 'Mutation Station' started by Dorlune, Jul 1, 2016.

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    Presents a month long hunting event.

    You could win all 10 prizes if you are lucky

    Top 10 highest globals win prizes

    1st place wins 500 ped
    2nd place wins 400 ped
    3rd place wins 300 ped
    4th place wins 200 ped
    5th place wins 100 ped
    6th place wins 75 ped
    7th place wins 60 ped
    8th place wins 50 ped
    9th place wins 40 ped
    10th place wins 25 ped

    Work on the missions while trying to win Ped.
    Starting July 1st and ending at the end of the day on July 31st.

    We are a Big Industries Land Area Partner so all globals also count for Big Rewards points too​


    Event Rules and Details

    You must be registered in the EntropiaLife event for your global to count so sign up now.

    If there is a tie for any place the prizes will be be totaled and split between those who are tied

    Add my avatar DORLUNE DOR THEMAGE in game to friends list to get paid

    This is SOLO hunting event only

    One person can win multiple prizes

    For your global to count you must be signed up for this event and EntropiaLife must pickup the global to count on scoreboard, So we recommend you run Entropia Tracker when you are online.

    We are not responsible for missed globals.

    The Teleporter is located at 9744, 9765, 158.
    Repair, Trade, Storage and Revival terminals are at both 9346, 8982, 100 & 8951, 10044, 97.

    Dor, Mor and Alex