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more low level repeatable missions.... and taming spots...

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by mastermesh, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. mastermesh

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    In reviewing a few sources and thinking about various planets, missions, etc. appears that Arkadia doesn't have a lot of repeatable low level (hp 20 or less) missions.

    Monria has:
    Mission Mob Planet HPs HP to Token
    Iron Challenge - Shoggoth Shoggoth Monria 10 250000 - THIS ONE IS REPEATABLE!

    Toulan has:
    Mission Mob Planet HPs HP to Token
    Quwa Challenge - Caboria Caboria Toulan 10 30000 - THIS ONE IS REPEATABLE!
    Quwa Challenge - TabTab TabTab Toulan 10 30000 - THIS ONE IS REPEATABLE!!!

    Arkadia has:
    Mission Mob Planet HPs HP to Token
    IFN Killpoint Challenge - Ostelok Ostelok Arkadia 20 280000 - THIS ONE IS REPEATABLE!

    For the same type of level (hp 20 or less), Arkadia has these but they are NOT repeatable (at least as far as I know they are not):
    IFN Challenge - Arkadian Hornet Arkadian Hornet Arkadia
    IFN Challenge - Carabok Carabok Arkadia
    ACA Challenge - Rakta Rakta Arkadia
    ACA Challenge - Yarrijak Yarrijak Arkadia
    IFN Challenge - Monura Male Monura Male Arkadia
    IFN Challenge - Monura Female Monura Female Arkadia
    IFN Challenge - Gallard Gallard Arkadia

    My suggestions is to make the above all repeatable since Ostelok will likely get old after you do the mission twice a few times, just as Shoggoth get boring on Monria very quickly. (also keep in mind that Arkadia is a full blown planet, and Monria is just a moon, so more options should be there for Arkadia)

    A similar request, although not completely related, might be to create repeatable taming missions for the nusul, and create some other low hp critters such as the nusul that can be tamed. I recently ran through 2 of the 10 hour skill buffs when taming nusul and it was fun, but I can see how after a few weeks or months of taming these little guys alone and doing nothing else could become extremely boring, just as taming over on Calypso gets boring time to time if you hit the same area over and over to skill up. Higher level pets are fun to tame, but remember, when folks are working on increasing skill we are using weapons such as the viper whips that do an average of 2.5 damage per click... which makes them very difficult to use on higher level mobs unless used in combination with other whips.

    Some may just say go ahead and hunt bigger hp stuff... While that may be some interesting advice, it's not necessarily what all of us want to do forever, or can afford to do. Repeatable low level stuff is something that makes the game affordable to lot of folks that deposit small amounts, or are 'casual gamers.' There's a very wide target market for us. People keep saying that Planet Partners are just targetting other avatars from other planets as their audience. Expanding more in to 'casual gaming' audience by doing stuff as suggested here can help with that imho.
  2. Roo.82

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    I'd strongly be in favor of making the dromia mission repeatable, and even more so because it's in UG.