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Mod Merps!

Discussion in 'SocTalk' started by 008, May 25, 2011.

  1. 008

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    Hi all just wanted to let you know that Mod Merps is recruiting.. we currently have 3 and soon 4 member here on Arkadia that you could get to know.. we are a smaller newer soc but we do have some lower mid to mid lvl players.. been looking to pick up some more active experienced players lately.. and we do often rank on top hunting soc list on the tracker,, I myself am from America (upstate NY) but we have players from all around US as wel as Europe, even one in Japan :) I and a few of the members habe played for numerous yrs and we have some gear .. we are also open to newer players as well that will be here longterm.. If this sounds good to anyone pls dont hesitate to apply at nearest term.. or find me out there on Arkadia!
  2. Snape

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    Split this post off to its own thread to make it a bit more visible for your recruiting. Best of luck and see you around on Arkadia :D
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