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Mission - The Great Storm

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Bear, Oct 21, 2016.

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    The Great Storm

    A great sandstorm uncovers parts of ancient Arkadia in the desert near Aakas TP. Hidden by the ages, an Army of Aakas Warriors, powered by an unknow energy source comes back to life - defending the old ruin city as they have done a 1000 years ago.
    Who ever dares to hunt for treasures and hidden vaults will have to fight through this army of souless and merciless warriors. Shutting down the powersource seems to be the only viable way to win this fight.

    Mission Chain

    1. Fix the Radio

    You have to craft Travelling Wave Tubes and replace the broken ones at Radio Station Delta. After repair, you listen to an interview which is currently broadcast.
    Later the day, you get a call by Mr. Keis to meet him at the Archelogic Headquaters.

    Interview in Arkadia Radio:
    Tom: Good Morning fellow Arkadians! Today is the 20th hot and sunny day in a row - pack your towles and head to the beaches for some cooling.
    Don´t foget the pack your gun! The Orthans are hot headed too and might come for a visit.

    - Music -

    Tom: Today we have an interview with archo-metrologist "Reynan Sandish". Good Morning Reynan.
    Reynan: Hi Tom - thanks for the inventation
    Tom: Reynan, Arkadia has never been so hot before - some people are even afarid that soon the hole planet will turn into one giant dustball.
    Reynan: Well, Tom, even though we are all quite new on Arkadia, the Planet has been doing fine for million of years. I don´t think there is much to be afarid of.
    Tom: But it has never been this hot for so long. This is a fact?!
    Reynan: Recent studies of Arkadian artifacts have shown that the old societies adapeted to the different climatic zones of Arkadia. The climate played a big and important role for the old Arkadians.
    Tom: What does that mean? We all like to visit the snow regions or the forrests from time to time. Of cause i pack a warm jacket too.
    Reynan: No, no... the old Arkadians - how to tell... the old Arkadians were almost religius about their planet and its climate. They did not went on holidays. We are still uncertain what it means but latest transcripts indicate they "awaited" the "elements".
    Tom: What do you mean by "the elements".
    Reynan: The Arkadian symbolic and the language are quite different from ours. It is sometimes hard to understand the logic. We think the "Elements" refere to the same as we would - "Water, Fire, Air and Earth".
    Tom: I find it hard to undertand what this has to do with the recent weather.
    Reynan: Oh, yes - the Arkadian calendar knows Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. But there is also the Arkadian Calendar of the Aeons. This one referes to the elements. Now if you look at the "Tales of Sal´da Kir" - he talks about the "Gears of the Ages"
    Tom: "Gears of the Ages"?
    Reynan: Yes, it seems that both Calendars are connected. Depending on how you connect the timings of the calenders - this years summer would be described as "Summer of Earth & Water"
    Tom: Ha ha - pretty good descripton. I never had to wipe some much dust off after I came back from the beaches...
    Reynan: Yes, the good thing is that - if we and the old Arkadians got it right - this summer will end with a very nice "Fall of Water"
    Tom: Reynan - thank you very much for the interview
    Reynan: thank you Tom for the inventation...

    - Music -

    2. Meet Mr. Keis

    @Archelogic Headquaters: Mr. Keis thanks you for the job at the Radio Station which is also a relais station for the science society.
    He points you to Mr. Reynan and Ms. Buget and says "Allways fighting - they hate each other. But Reynan is a nice guy"

    Reynan Sandish and Susann Buget are in a hot discussion. The Archelogical Site of Reynan has been looted by Ortans and Reynan requests backup by soldiers to recover lost artifacts...

    Reynan: I need those artifacts back!
    Budget: Forget it Reynan, its not worth it. If you think some old gears are worth the life and money your are asking for, you are a bigger fool than I already tought...
    Reynan: Those are not just some "Gears" - those gears would allow to finaly connect both Arkadian Calendars - they are the "Missing Link".
    Budget: For what? Better weather forcast? - Reynan, get out of my office!
    Reynan: No, this is too important.
    Budget: OUT!


    3. Gear up

    The next day after Mission 2 is finished, the player gets this message (Mission).

    Message by Reynan to you:
    Subject: I need your help
    Hi, I think we met at Ms. Bugets office. Mr. Keis told me that you are the guy who can "fix things".
    My camp was sacket by an Ortan raid. I need the artifacts which were stolen back. Let me know if you can help. Please, if I am right, this will be one of the most important discoveries in Arkadian history!


    4. Loot the Looters

    The player can choose differnt lvls of Ortan camps. The Boss will loot the missing "Gears". After the Gears have been looted, the player get mission 5.

    Visit Reynans Site and track the Ortans
    Engage in combat and loot the missing "Gears"


    5. A new Aeon

    The Player meets Reynan in his Workshop. After this mission, the player get mission 5b,c,d messages each after an other day (3 days).

    Reynan is more than pleased. Overexcited the imidiatly starts to integrate the Gears your brought him into his "Calendar"

    You: Sorry to interrupt - but this raid was a big loss - PED wise, you know?!
    R: Not now...
    You: Do what ever you have to do - but after my payment.
    R: I have no money - I am about to write history...
    You: You will be history if you don´t pay!
    R: YES!
    - A Humming sound starts, the Calendar, a setup of gears in all kind of sizes, looking like a gigant clockwork starts moving -
    R: Imagine - this old technology, working - on its own - after shatterd and lost for 1000 years. Priceless!
    You: I guess you can pay after you sold it.
    R: No - i was wrong... you see that?
    You: What?
    R: The Calendar, with this summer, the Aeon of "Fire & Air" starts and will end with the "Fall of Earth" - for the next years!
    You: So what?
    R: You don´t get it? The old Arkadians - this summer - it - it will be a disaster...
    You: I don´t care about our weather forcast... you have 3 days to get my money. Or i will have to fix you!


    Each "Mission" is a "Weather forcast message". The messages point to escalting hot and stormy weather conditions around Aakas. The next day after Message 5d, the player get mission no. 6

    6. Storm is coming

    The Area around Aakas is a big dustbowl - (Effects like the "snow" in the arctic area). After this message, the player gets mission 7.

    Message by Reynan:
    Subject: You see, I am right!
    I can pay you, but not before you help me setting up some telemetry around Aakas. The Storm is coming and with it - fire!

    7. Its getting hot

    You meet Reynan near Aakas. The Area around Aakas is now a "Toxic Area" which can only be enterd with a special "Anti-Toxic Shot" (different from the existing one). This prevents players to enter without the mission chain done.
    Reynan hands the needed "Anti-Toxic Shot" and 5 devices which need to be placed (activated..) at specific points. After you are done, you return to Reynan, he is dead. Next to him an Aakas Defender which attaks you. It does not matter if the player dies or not.

    8. Dustbowl

    Main event for multiple days. As soon as the main event starts, the timed missions are removed. That way a player can enter this event by quicky doing the mission chain without waiting.
    This massive event around Aakas is devided into different zones with different lvl of Aakas Warriors. The zones are around an old town which has been uncoverd by the sandstorms.
    Within the Town is are 5 Power generators. These have to be switched down to stop the attacks.
    The Town consists of mulitple Appartments and Shops which can be claimed for 1 year with a deed which can be looted in the event.

    Special loots:
    • Deeds (tradeable) - The tradeable deeds should be replaced by non tradeable deeds when a shop or appartment is claimed. This prevents scams by selling almost useless deeds at the end of a year.
    • Keycards for the Power Generators
    • Mini Keys for the Golden Door
    • Some "Goodies"

    If a Keycard is used on a Power Generator, a certain damage will be inficted and loot will be claimed. 8 Keycards for each of the 5 Power Generators for example.

    It could also be possible to run this event every 2 or 3 years. It could be the "Epic Event of Entropia". Also it could be possible to make this kind of event every year, but each year in a different climatic zone - corresponding to the 4 elements.
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