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Mentor in South Africa: Dr SCILOCK Jnr - Hunting, Trading, Mindforce, Other

Discussion in 'GMT +2 to GMT +4' started by SCILOCK, Oct 10, 2014.


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    [IMGRT]http://arkadiaforum.com/images/flags/South Africa.png[/IMGRT]
    Avatar Name: Dr SCILOCK Jnr...................Time Zone: GMT+2
    Player Since: 2013......................................Country: South Africa
    Society: Silver Core Infantry

    Main Professions: Hunting, Trading, Mindforce, Other
    Days Usually Online: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    Time Usually Online: Morning, Midday, Evening
    Usual Hangout Location: All over ARCADIA

    How to Contact Me: Private Message, Email, In-Game

    Additional Information: Having fun, Helping new players with advice and sometimes a little more :)
    Building a solid and strong society while aiming to create a fun environment for all.
    Myself do a lot of hunting in Arcadia, and helping new players as much as I can.

    ARCADIA Personal Mission Update:
    Oro (Stage 5) [12k/12k]
    Oro (Stage 6) [Completed 4 Times]
    Halix (Stage 5) [12k/12k]
    Carabok (Stage 5) [10k/10k]
    Gallard (Stage 5) [10k/10k]

    Ostelok (Stage 4) [12k/40k]
    Tiarak (Stage 3) [950/1200]
    Zadul (Stage 3) [670/1200]
    Jori (Stage 4) [490/4800]
    Ubo (Stage 3) [989/2800]
    Nusul, Otorugi, Oratan miner, Magurg Male, Bokol, (busy with Stage 2)
    Dehera, Rakta, Jarrijak, (busy with Stage 3)
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