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Meet the DJ's

Discussion in 'Normandie Radio' started by Mel_bosshart, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Mel_bosshart

    Mel_bosshart Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    DJ NAME - Mel Bosshart
    AGE - 41
    LOCATION - Nottinghamshire UK
    SOC - Vikings
    POSITION - colonel

    PROFILE - Ive been a dj for over 9 years within the games ive played online ..Ive got a wide taste in music and am well known for searching out the best mash-ups out there..i will play most requests that are sent to me apart from thrash metal or opera lmao

    I can be found roaming most planets with our mobile unit from the normandie mothership .

    i started DJ'in in game with AHR and was with them for about 6 months before being asked by players on the normandie mothership to set up a radio station for them to listen to in space ..this i did ..and hey presto Normandie Radio was born ... this later became a conflict of intrest to ahr so hung up my head phones with AHR .. I then took Normandie Radio to the next level with the help of the DJ's that came on board
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  2. isclay

    isclay Active Member

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    DJ NAME - DJ Isclay
    AGE - 41 years old
    LOCATION - Seattle Washington
    SOC - Age of Enlightenment
    POSITION - Private

    PROFILE: I have been an Entropian since 2008 and I love the game and the challenge. I was born on Calypso but Arkadia is my home. I will be doing my shows from all over the Universe though...where ever Mel asks me to be I will be to do the show. I am big on Listener Parties with give-aways, contests and trivia. I am all about having fun and making sure everyone else is too. I am honored to be a part of Normandie Radio as a DJ. Please feel free to contact me directly in game or out of game @ isclayscafe@gmail.com. I am here for YOU the Listener! I'm a different kind of DJ and a good friend to have. Remember: Live, Love, Laugh!!!! [​IMG]

  3. Brown1e

    Brown1e Member

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    AGE: 21 twice!!!
    SOC: Fourth Dimension
    POSITION: Vice President

    PROFILE : Hmmmm where to start....Have been involved with and djing for Normandie Radio since its inception and lovin every minute that this lil baby of ours continues to grow....I was weaned on good music and will listen to and play a wide variety of styles, am open to requests and if I dont have it will do my utmost to get it for you! Dont do drama, if thats what ur looking for go to Second Life, Im here to make friends, have fun and play GRRRREEEEAAAATTTT music!

    Get ur ears on n tune in, what are ya waiting for?????
  4. Cyborg Bill

    Cyborg Bill Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    DJ Name: Cyborg Bill
    Age: 3ysquared
    Location: Upstate New York
    Soc: Jurai Blood
    Position: Colonel
    Time in game: almost 6 years now

    I have been in Entropia for nearly 6 years now mainly as a miner. Hobbies include Car, Bars, Guitars, and general stirring up the pot of life. I have always had an interest in music. Played drums from 8th grade thru highschool then switched to guitar in 1982 when I went into the Navy. Much easier to tote around all over the world then a full drum kits was. This was where I ran into several people who crud and corrupted my morals and sent me to the darkside of Heavy Metal. Over time I have met and hung out with a few big time musicains at various stages of their careers so life was great back in the drinking days as we now refer to them as.

    For my show It will be an evolving entity focusing on but not locked into various stages of rock and Roll both in history and its progression into its many forms now. I chose 80's Metal and Glam as a start as that time was the most fun for me musicly and holds many great memories for me. So I hope you all Like what I put out to you and will love to see you all at shows Bangin with the Borg.

    Over time I want to add trivia shows, I can name that tune in x notes, and a key feature if we have enough responce for a battle of the bands using real life bands from Entropia players and maybe their families to spot light more talant within our commuinity. Hopefully I can drum up sponsors for prizes.

    Hit me up when Im on for request on the NR website and I will do my best to get out what ya wanna hear.

    Lastly be sure to support the other DJ's as well they work their asses off to keep us entertained.
  5. Albi Gens

    Albi Gens New Member

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    DJ Dude
    AGE: 41
    LOCATION: California
    Entopia Universe: Albi Night Elf Gens, of the Smart Professionals United (SPU) - Rank: Adviser

    I have been haunting Entropia for almost 8 years. I needed a little something different in my life. Decided to try to be a Radio DJ [​IMG]

    I like everything from Classical to Punk, and a twisted sense of humor. I am always open to new music and I look forward to your requests. Please NO rap or twangy Country crap ... unless it is really funny.

    Saturdays 18:00 to 21:00 MA or 10:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. PST for those of us not on MA time. Start times may very due to shit just happens.

    If you see me in game come up and say Hi ')

    ** Disclaimer **
    The Dude's Show may not be suitable for everyone... Children, House pets that may comprehend English, and/or anyone that may be easily offended. You have been warned [​IMG]