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Suggestion Make Musca Helmet Adjusted take up less space...

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by mastermesh, Feb 9, 2020.

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    Currently in inventory Musca Helmet Adjusted takes up 2 vertical spaces in inventory box... making it one of the tallest and biggest pieces of armor headgear wise in game... most other headgear takes up 1 space vertically...

    when I put my armor in to inventory or storage I like to put each suit next to the same suit's parts, etc. That makes for most armor it work like this where you have gloves next to helmet, then below that Arm Guards, below that Harness, below that Thigh Guard, below that Shin Guard, below that Foot Guards... with most other armor in game besides the Musca adjusted that makes a nice little block of inventory that stacks nice and neatly in to one little corner of space, and only goes two across...

    so you can stack 3 full suits across the width of the personal inventory screen...

    This oddball shaped helmet makes it so that the gloves and helmet don't stack nice and neat in conformity with just about every other armor set in game... because gloves are 1 vertical box tall but helmet is 2. Most other armor in game only has helmet as one vertical box tall in inventory...

    for those of that craft armor, or own shops, etc. that are always moving pieces of armor in to and out of inventory that makes it a hassle since other suit's gloves or helmets are getting placed in invenotry in that empty hole this blasted suit's oddball helmet creates... making it sort of a burden to find things if you are doing stuff like crafting hundeds of pieces of armor and have to go inventory searching to find just the one thing... etc. Please either shrink the helmet to take up one space vertically (preferred fix) or alternatively make the gloves take up two spaces (not preferred since it still makes this suit oddball sized vs every other suit in game practically, but at least it'd fix that 'hole' that the suit creates where other gloves or helmets ends up when moving stuff around doing inventory in shops, etc.

    (we do realize that most Arkadian's have big heads, but come on this is just ridiculous, lol)
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